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High DHT - Injections, Not TD


A couple of things.

1 - been off all TRT for about a month now while I waited to see a new physician. Got my blood work back (will post soon) and while everything I expected to be low was indeed low, including a serum T level of less than 200, my DHT…was really high, around 124 on a scale that had an 85 upper limit - how can this possibly be?

Could a 200mg shot a month ago cause a spike in DHT levels that would remain that high for that long? At what rate does DHT dissipate?

Also - I normally do twice weekly shots of 50mg, but my DHT has always been high regardless - anyone have experience with shots NOT bringing down/normalizing DHT levels?

I’m concerned about running high DHT both from a therapeutic perspective, because I believe I’ve read it can be counter productive at high levels, but also from a general health perspective.


According to Wikipedia, DHT remains bound to androgen receptors 5 times longer than testosterone. This would delay any further metabolism I would imagine and possibly explain the high numbers a month after your last injection. Luckily it can’t aromatize to E2 but high DHT does have some affect on the prostate. Worth a DRE especially if you’ve had any voiding symptoms.