High DHEA, High Estrone, Low Estradiol

Guys help me out please,

2nd hypogonadal due to taking tren 10 years ago with no PCT.
Ever since I took the tren I have perineum swelling that comes and goes which also causes a fullness feeling in my bladder/lower abdomen and which seems to totally shut off my testosterone.

Swelling is there most of the time but seems to respond to a drop in E2 after taking Adex.
PSA Levels are fine and prostate exam was fine.

I’ve been taking adex EOD at 1/16th mg (hyperresponder).

Just got my bloods checked
E2: 7.8
E1: 99 (12-72) high
DHEAS 520 High
TT: 367
DHT: 35 (30-85)
I have what feels like high estro sides but my E2 is low and E1 is high.
I havent touched Adex in a week and im just feeling worse now.

Anyone have any idea whats going on? How can I balance this out?

Any input is greatly appreciated

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Maybe try a different AI?