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High Deca Cycle?

Hi guys. A friend of mine who saw people doing high tren/low test cycle (as me) is searching if the “same” can be done with a high deca/low test ? The thing is that the low test will just bring normal oestrogens, thus limiting deca’s progestin sides while maintening normal function (like the theory behind the high tren).

BUT tren is by itself 5 times more androgenic than test (almost like DHT) and isn’t affected by enzymes, whereas deca is less androgenic than test in its normal form and even less in the tissues rich in 5AR… I posted this because I’m very interrested in low test/high anabolic cycle.

He’s planning this:

Week 1-10: Deca 600mg/week
Week 1-12: Test e 250mg/week
Week 1-12: HCG: 2x250UI/week

Two last week to let the deca clean before pct.

Do you guys have experience with this kind of cycle?