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High Data Use- Comcast


Just got cable (haven't had TV for years, just downloaded shows on demonoid).

anyways, streaming Netflix, doing some gaming. One day and I'm through 25GB already (about 10 through demonoid).

Comcast limits you to 250GB/month.

Yikes, how much are you guys using per month?

looks like I may need to go with FIOS when they're back to work and not back logged


I don't think I average over 15 gb to often for a month. Generally I download tv shows if I miss them when they air and gaming generally doesn't add that much. Although when steam puts a bunch of good games on sale my usage definitely goes up. I think they last good sale I downloaded around 50gb in less than a week.


have fios at home, unlimited data on phone...demonoid is great. Fawk comcast dey too spensive neways


yeah, FIOS was the original plan.

I hear some bad reviews on VErizon customer service though, granted Comcast gets some as well.

DVR right out the box doesn't work, have to send a tech out next week to look at it.


damn you guys are lucky you can choose cable companies. Where I live we have one cable company (comcast) and they basically fuck us any chance they get.


F Comcast.


Verizon may be bad but I have a hard time believing any company in the world has worse customer service than Comcast.


Just a news story about how Comcast was voted worst company in USA ...

And they deserve all the accolades ... Fuck them