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High Creatinine While on HRT?


Anybody here have issues with high creatinine while on T?

How about rise in BP?


In some cases, increased BP can be reduced by TRT.

Wikipedia: "Creatinine (from the Greek kreas, flesh) is a break-down product of creatine phosphate in muscle, and is usually produced at a fairly constant rate by the body (depending on muscle mass)."

Problems with the kidney's can change levels. TRT will not harm healthy kidneys and might not have an adverse effect on unhealthy kidneys.

If with the T you have worked your muscles to a high degree of soreness, this can increase levels of creatinine as well as some other markers. Trauma or muscle bruising can do this as well.

"Creatinine can also increase temporarily as a result of muscle injury."

Taking creatine can increase creatinine.

Creatinine levels in healthy individuals vary with % muscle mass - hence males have higher levels than females.

You also need to be looking for indications of a possible kidney problem.



Went to the nephrologist (kidney doctor) last week. Re-ran the test and still elevated. Ultrasound of kidneys looked normal with good perfusion.

Still looking....


And in other cases (like mine) BP increased due to all the new red blood cells I was creating.
My doctor told me to donate a pint of whole blood every two months, to keep red blood cells (and BP)in check. My BP was consistently higher before my regular "donations".

If you wait too long and your RBC count is too high, some places won't let you donate blood at all.

It's a good thing for your body as well as for the community at large. If they'll take your blood, go out of your way to donate whenever possible.


I'll see if we pulled a RBC in the last labs. If not, I'm sure he'll run one for me.

Extra RBC death could explain higher creatinine, but I would expect my potassium to be a little high too...

If they won't let me donate, then I can get leeched.... Nothing like a little old fashioned medicine. :slight_smile:


i am not a doctor, but HRT does not make the radar for kidney disease

and it is true, as kidney function worsens serum creatinine rises, but it's not a good indicator of kidney function.

i am assuming your nephrologist also did a UA. normal? and what is your GFR? if you don't know these answers then he or she didn't do a good job of explaining things to you.


UA normal and nothing cultured.

GFR was on the low side, but in normal range.

Everything else on basic metabolic panel was in the middle normal range (co2, potassium, etc.)


so you are not in acute trouble. cool.

GFR is what matters and if it's slipping at 44 -- well, if it was me (don't mean to sound preachy) i plan on living into my 90's and i won't go on dialysis or do transplant so gotta

stay lean
keep triglycerides in normal range
manage BP


Surprise. On 2/16 creatinine was down to 1.16, in the normal range. GFR was up to 70 (from 62). Blood pressure was down to 120/80.