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High CPK

Hi there, i recently had some blood tests done and my cpk level was for
217 (10-180 being the range), is there anything i should be worried about?, the only things i am taking are the following:
TRIBEX, whey protein, protein shakes and i have a high protein diet.

p.s. also i had hepatitis a when i was 4 or 5 year old, now i am 30,

No, CPK should probably be slightly elevated if you’re training hard.

I’ve heard that levels can reach nearly 10,000 during the first week of fall football camp. Now THAT’s muscle damage.

Yo Barr, I wanted to outline my current nutrition strategy and get your opinion on it.

1st meal, p+c, 400 calories

2nd meal, p+c, 300 calories (1.5 hours prior to training)

10 minutes before workout, 1 scoop of Surge slammed

15 minutes pw, 2 scoops Surge slammed

45 min later, huge p+c meal, 700-800 calorie range

2.5 hours later, same as above

2.5 hours later 500 calorie p+f meal

pre bed, P+f meal 350-400 calories

My goal as of now is to bulk up prior to my hiking trip. Fat gain really is no worry for now. How could I optimize this routine(other than additional calories in the pre and post workout meals)? Add additional surge pre, post workout? Have another serving of Surge after post workout shake?

(I also slam down one scoop of Surge immediately upon rising)

I would greatly appreciate any tips/suggestions.

Thanks in advance, dezz