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High Cortisol on Tren

Ok, I finished my cycle, did blood work before cycle, some during cycle and now, 9 days after I finished cycle, another.

My cycle contained:

  • Test prop from 25 up to 40 mg ED
  • Tren A 30 mg ED
  • T3 100mg ED
  • Cardarine 20mg ED
  • Pramipexole (too low, I should go higher)
  • Proviron 25-50mg ED

My Cortisol levels were (range is 101-536 nmol/l):

  • natty 374
  • after 3 weeks on cycle 504
  • 8th week on cycle 460
  • 11th week (ending my cycle) 548
  • now 9 days after I finished the cycle 439

I did blood work always in the morning around the same time.

I’ve read a lot about how Tren stops body to produce cortisol. That way we can be bigger and leaner. My tren was tren because it drastically increased my non-assay-sensitive tests for E2.

Does somebody know where is the catch?

Was the blood work done at the same time of day each instance? Because cortisol can fluctuate pretty widely intraday.

Not surprising to see it high after a cycle. Your HTPA is in distress because you’re shut down. You should return to normal after pct is completed.

Not to get off topic but how was the cycle? Zeek on here doing a daily low dose of test/tren cycle and loved it.

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How is your insulin sensitivity?
How’s your blood pressure?

My cortisol has been very low I’m also running over double the amount of daily tren.

It could be related to the t3. I don’t like the idea of messing with thyroid medications so I avoided that but I know there is some kinda link between cortisol and t4-t3 conversion so this may relate to that t3 your taking. You could probably Google it and find some good info

Yup, blood work was done in the morning around same hour. I don’t worry it is high now. I’m just curious why it was high during tren cycle, even higher then now.

Not sure about insulin sensitivity but I never had problem with that before.

Blood pressure has been very high. I think it was even dangerous, next time I’ll take medications to get pressure under control. Blood pressure was not caused by E2.

The only thing I can find is that people say Tren is decreasing thyroid function and therefore T3 (or/and T4) has to be added to the cycle. But personally I agree with you and I am not planning to add T3 into my next cycle.

I found that cortisol level has linear relationship with TSH level. That could be it, but it’s not that sure. A lot of people is taking T3 with Tren and has not reported high cortisol levels.