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High Concentration Gear, SQ Cycles & Site Injections


Ok, I thought I'd share my recent experience brewing up some high strength gear.

I recently brewed up a batch of EO based primo acetate at 200mg/mL. I also have it on good authority that I can get tren acetate easily up to 200mg/mL and at a push 300 or 400.

I cant say how pleased I am really with this as I've found the following.

1) EO gear at high conc is perfect for subcutaneous injects. I've been injecting volumes of between 0.25 and 0.5 mL sub Q with very minor initial irritation which subsides within a few hours. Next up with this are test acetate and tren. It now seems quite possible to run a completely SQ cycle, which as far as im converned is a major plus.

2) Its also perfect for site injects of awkward muscle groups. Using backloaded slin pins with small volumes ive been doing IM injects in my forearms. I have a feeling I can get primo up to even higher concs with this, and the pumps ive been getting in my forearms are retarded. It should be possible to inject 100mg of tren or primo into tiny muscle groups with some experimenting.


very interesting. excited to hear what you think with the tren and test.

I'm not sure the benifit of Sub Q injects with EQ are? or even injesting in forearms? I thought you just needed to get it into the blood srteem. You are saying there is a localized effect? please explain if you don't mind


Well from what I there is a localised effect from IM injections AAS as well as systemic, which is most likely to be greatest with short estered gear.

As for sub Q cycles, I havent done it with EQ yet but thats another obvious choice. The main benefits for me are simply the ease of doing it and being able to give your injection sites a rest, and being able to inject 2x per day for more stable blood levels, which with tren is a big plus. Its not a problem with long estered gear injecting twice a week but for me at least short estered gear is a pain. I'm also interested if there's going to be any localised fatloss effect.

It also opens up a new way of getting started for those who are needle phobic. Plus in the event of an infection, the consequences are likely to be much less serious, and the probability of infection from SQ injects is minimal. Anyone whose unlucky enough to have had an abcess would probably be pleased at the idea of SQ injects.


this is very interesting


Interesting indeed always good to see a someone willing to experment. It will be good to hear the results you get. Your right slin pins are much less intimadating than a 22g 1.5 inch needle for sure. If I had the chioce I would go with the smaller needle for sure.

I'm useing IGF-1 (des) right now an am doing bi lateral IM injections with it hitting my bicps every second day. I actually added half an inch on my arms in the last 30 days best growth I have seen on them in a log time. Somewhat off tipic but point being it seems there may be a localised effect from it as well. Never read anything about tren having a localised effect before though. If there was would there not be a buch of guys with huge glutes lol?

I still like the idea of a long estered gear and less injections.