High Cholesterol/Triglycerides in Metabolic Diet

I just take a blood test in an accutrend machine and my cholesterol is 279 and triglycerides 263.

I did the test 2 hours after my breakfast, is this too high??? or must take the test before breakfast?

I`m on week 6 of Metabolic Diet, this weekend is my second high carb day (only doing 1 carb day), eating 2300-2800 cal (55-64 fat, 30 -35 prot, less than 20 carb) on weekdays. My weight is 76 Kg

I`m a little worried about the result, should I keep this kind of diet or should I change it?

It´s a great diet, no hunger and feel energetic.

My english suck, so if I write anything wrong sorry

When I had my cholesterol checked they told me to fast for 8 hours prior to the test. I’m no doctor nor do I know the effects of eating directly prior to the test but I would try getting tested again after fasting properly.

When I was bulking, I was taking in a lot of fish oil and garlic tabs to keep my cholesterol in check and it was still at 290 when I got it checked. My doctor freaked because I was only 20 at the time and said it was way too high. I didn’t freak out though because I knew my diet was temporary and when I finally finished my diet I knew my cholesterol levels would normal out.

You are supposed to fast before taking the test.

[quote]ramirezrocha wrote:
My english suck, so if I write anything wrong sorry[/quote]


Those are some pretty high numbers, so you might want to consider altering your diet in the long term. You are supposed to have fasted before the test, but I have had the test done only hours after eating and my levels were in the good range (sub 200).