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High Cholesterol/Transaminase. Why?

Hello T-Nation,

I’m trying to get an opinion here.

My last blood examination indicated a high cholesterol and transaminase levels.
I just can find an explanation of how did I get in this situation.
My meals are careful selected, I do office job 8 hours/day 5 days/week, I don’t drink alcohol, I sleep at least 8 hours per day and I only train for like 3 times per week.
The only diet supplements I use is Animal Pak and Milk&Egg.

Is it possible that maybe some of these supplements are not “welcomed” by my organism ?
The doctor told me this could be from tiredness, but it really should not be the case, and also, that some athletes could have this levels higher since they do much more effort then the average normal peoples, and I have to make some extra analyzes.

How about this “tiredness” thing, could the bodybuilding do this at only 3 training session per week ? Could it rather be just a stress effect ?

We can’t go every time to the gym, smiling, rested and happy, that is why some times we need to motivate our self.

Can Animal Pak or any other food supplements out there put some extra effort on the liver ?

Is it necessary in this case to stop taking AP or any other supplements for a period of time ?

Thank you very much.

Sometimes you just inherit genetic predispositions towards certain problems. What is your parents’ cholesterol like, or your grandparents? Even then if you eat different food than they did (like if they immigrated) you may be different.

There are so many ways people that look healthy can have problems like this, that no one can really answer for you.

I had borderline high cholesterol, I think the main thing I did that lowered it was probably salad with olive oil and vinegar dressing every day. Mono unsaturated fats help to change your LDL vs HDL levels.

Anyway I’d start by googling how to lower cholesterol and read up on everything.