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High Cholesterol - Oral Winny or Diet?

I just got my results back from bloodwork and my total cholesterol is up to 7.1 mmol/L, or 280 mg/dL.

Since this spring I have been on a CKG diet, real high fat/protein, lots of eggs, steak, even bacon. Before for years at a time, my cholesterol was always 5.1 mmol/L or 200 mg/dL.

But, this summer I also took 50mg/day of oral Stanozolol for 8 weeks to help the leaning process, ending in late July. Stanozolol is notorious for apparently messing up the HDL/LDL ratio quickly. The bloodwork was done September 18. If the stanozolol caused the increase in serum cholesterol, wouldn’t the values have returned to normal by two months after stopping the Winstrol?

Does anyone who eats high fat/high protein also have any experiences with these types of diets causing increases in their cholesterol values?