High Cholesterol - Genetics - First Cycle Advice

I planning to do my first cycle with 300mg of Test a week for 12weeks.I have high chlosterol gentics. In the past, I took statins and it reduced my chlosterol to optimal and my doc told me to stop it.
Now it went high back again, I am planing to run statin and test simulatenously. Or take statins while doing PCT.

Chlosterol is 243 now.

Any advice will be really appreciated.

Steroids and high cholesterol go hand in hand skipping down the road. As j understand it (I read this a while ago and I can’t find where I read it) when you are on a cycle even if you eat the healthiest low cholesterol foods you will still have bad levels. What I remember reading is your body will actually end up making it’s own cholesterol on cycle even if you could eliminate it from your diet. The cholesterol molecule and the testosterone molecule are very similar. High cholesterol foods are actually what your body uses to make testosterone.

What I do on and off cycle is I take apple pectin. It is supposed to help keep the cholesterol from sticking to your arteries. There are some other supplements out there that are supposed to help. If you are concerned that your meds won’t cut it and you decide to cycle anyway I would Google search stuff to help with it, but consult your Dr. before you proceed in case there are interaction considerations.

I don’t know how finitely accurate what I wrote is, I am not a doctor just thought I would share.