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High Cholesterol Diet

Hi all!

Im trying to make a diet for my mom who has high cholesterol. Shes been to her doctor several times, she did blood testing and doctor recommended her some shitty diet like dont eat white bread eat brown bread, dont eat red meat, basicly a low fat high carb diet, without pork, beef, only chicken white. After following this diet for a few months her blood testing looks like this:

Cholesterol 7.00 mmol/L (normal 3.40-6.20)
Triglycerids 1.61 mmol/L (normal 0.30-2.29)
HDL 1.25 mmol/L (normal 1.00-2.00)
LDL 5.01 mmol/L (normal 0.00-4.10)
Pretty bad

I was thinking of putting her on a low carb high fat diet, including lots of omega3 fish oil, virgin olive oil, and other healthy stuff like nuts, peanuts, almonds, grass fed beef, salmon etc… Can i include some not so good fat sources like caciocavalo (cheese) basicly saturated fat? Transfats should be avoided at all costs…

I dont know anything about cholesterol lowering so i wanted to ask u is this going to help?
Also i know that cholesterol isnt really connected to the stuff we eat. Does anyone of you done something like this before?


PS sorry if my english is bad its not my native language, hope u understood what i was trying to say.

This way of eating will help a lot. In fact, it is the cure for cholesterol problems.

Eating saturated fat with this kind of eating plan will not cause any problems. Read the book “Good calories, Bad calories” by Gary taubes.

The best way to know if this will help her, is for her to try it for about three months…then have her retest. You will be amazed at the positive results.

Thank you! Ive just read your posts in another thread similar to this one and u seem to know lot of stuff about cholesterol. Ill most definetly look up for that book