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High Cholesterol/BP?

This is my first post on this forum. I just joined this forum because it seems awesome group of people are here.
So for my first post I have a question.
I have just added about 25lbs of muscle to my frame and the doctor has now informed me I have high cholesterol and my blood pressure is too high compared to what he is used to seeing me with. Now his recomendations is 0 supplements (I only take a multi-vitiman fish oils, Protean powders and creatine, (micronized pure)He would like to see me get rid of creatine and stop eating so much meat and lower my bodyweight to 190lbs! I am confused because I look good? I worked pretty hard to get some mass in my body and hate the idea of losing it.
Any advice on how to lower this without losing weight.
Any advice is great.

I suggest you look into these:

-you could be salt sensitive (can cause high BP and a bunch of other problems)
-most likely you’re genetics are giving you these bad cholesterol levels
-another thing would boosting your cardio to help flush the bad cholesterol away from your heart
-I do not know if the supps you are taking are boosting cholesterol levels, lol…especially creatine.
-if you find out I’m wrong pleeeeeassseee message me with the sources

thanks, I am going to increase my cardio dramatically. He mentioned that the creatine could be affecting my kidneys and is getting me to do more tests. He is a Doc right, he dont beleive in any supplements so Im not suprised him shying away from them
Thanks again for the advice,

I don’t know about blood pressure, but definitely don’t listen to him with regard to dropping the weight and the meat.

  • Dropping the weight: doctors have this retarded BMI formula to determine if you are fat by plugging your body weight and height in some equation and if yours comes out of range they tell you need to drop weight without bothering to have a look at your waistline. It’s just stupid. I wouldn’t worry about it unless you’re actually fat.

  • Cholesterol: you can keep eating lots of protein and meat and still lower your cholesterol. I did it. I had 257 total cholesterol last summer. Then I changed my protein sources to whey, egg whites (no yolks), chicken breast, turkey, extra lean beef, and fish, and last time I checked my cholesterol was down to 187.