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high carbs while on

What is the reason for increasing carb intake and minimizing fats while on androgens? Forgive me if this has been explained elsewhere, I didn’t know where to look.

There are several plausible reasons, but my best guess is to optimize workouts and recovery. The body needs to run on some kind of fuel and glucose is the easiest form if plenty of carbs are present in the diet. Also, with the high volume of anaerobic work being done while on MAG-10, glycogen will get depleted very fast and needs to be replaced or workouts will suffer. Basically high levels of carbs will keep workouts optimal and energized and also support the energy needed for cell turnover and metabolic processes while allowing all the amino acids to be used as building blocks for muscles rather than energy.

Just off the top of my head, another reason is that natural trainers need more fat because a higher fat intake correlates to higher testosterone levels. In the case of androgens, the “stuff” is doing the job for you (instead of the fat). Logically, then, it makes more sense to take in calories from sources (carbs) that are less likely to be stored as fat than fat itself (higher thermal effect). Don’t quote me on this, but I remember reading that in the process of storing excess calories as fat, 12%, 9%, and only 3% of protein, carb, and fat calories, respectively, were burned during this conversion.

Those all make sense as reasons.

The actual reason I recommend it is observation that it works best.

Bill- I know when not on androgens, you highly reccomend an isocaloric approach with around 30% fat, to keep testosteronce high. But, I was wondering if there are exceptions to this approach. Whenever I’m on the 30-40-30 diet, my libido drops, and I tend to put on more fat. However, if I go with 45-50% carbs, 35-40% pro, and only 15% fat, I lose fat faster, am more energetic, and my libido is high. Does this make sense? Ever hear of people like this? Thanks for your time.

Sure, there are always exceptions, and definitely you should go with your experience here.

You and Mr. Berardi tend to differ a little on fruit, since you are not very high on it, while John reccomends a whole banana as part of his big post workout meal. I was just wondering, what are the best carb sources in your opinion? I assume oats and bread, but what else are you high on?

I am concerned with that too. I usually eat quite a bit of fruit daily, 4-7 pieces, is that “a problem” when on, when off?
Additionally, how do beans, chick peas, pasta and rice sound?

A banana is fine post-workout as part of the
carb sources.

And GR, it depends on the fruit. If you’re
getting say 800 calories per day from fruit
that would be higher than optimal I’m sure.
If it’s something like 200 calories then
there’s no way it’s adversely affecting your body composition in any way. If it’s somewhere
in the middle then I suppose there may be a slight effect, but if everything else is good you could still certainly do very well.

The other carb sources you mentioned are all fine. Carbs are carbs for the most part. (Sucrose, fructose, lactose, and galactose being exceptions.)