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High carbs = Weight loss

I just got finished watching a special on CNN dealing with obesity in America. The show was decent and onviously geared more to the masses. But anyway they discussed dieting alternatives and indicated that a government showed that High carb low fat diets were the most effective at leading to long term weight loss. Is it this really the case? What is most effective diet for the long term for those without bodybuilding aspirations but want to keep their body fat within acceptable levels.

Well, considering that every year the obesity rates go up, I’d say the rice cakes and bagels aren’t working too well. High carbs, or the wrong kinds of carbs at the wrong times, just lead to too many cravings. Most people can’t deal with that and end up binging. At the very least, controlled carb intake/properly timed carb intake is essential. Berardi and Shugart style dieting in other words.

For strictly healthy living a weight loss, a very good book I read “Radiant Health-Moving Beyond the Zone” by Prof. Brian Scott Peskin.It helped me out quite a bit, but it is not really geared towards bodybuilding as I hit a plateau in fat loss and muscular development in relying solely on its principles alone.But it also could be that I needed to change my routine up some also. Anyhow I think it is a good read and has some interesting points.

I had some success with a high carb weight loss diet about three years ago. I lost almost a pound a day, and gained 2 pounds of LBM over slightly more then 2 weeks before I “lost it” and dropped the diet. (I just had too much stress going on at that time.) I think that what helped me with that diet is the fact that I was without a gym for 4 months, and due to my previous gym changing their hours was not open when I could go for about 5 months.

So I had 5 months of crappy workouts followed by 4 months of no workouts, so when I went on the diet, I easily regained muscle I previously had lost with the low calories unable to stop my muscle gain at the time. Also the diet I followed, while 60 % carbs, was designed by Ellington Darden who tried to design the diet to limit the insulin response. Something I don’t think very many people on a high carb diet try ,or know, to do. The calories were about the level of the fat fast diet.

Right now I am doing a higher protein diet closer to a Berardi style of eating. (For the most part.) And am losing weight slower, but I think I can handle this diet for 12 weeks. (Eight to go.) And MD6 sure as hell helps. (My wife and I call them our “happy pills.”) I doubt I could do such a low cal diet like Darden’s without androgens and maintain my LBM like I am doing now.

The biggest problem I have with Darden was that his weight loss diets were designed for people who probably never worked out before. Not for people with a much higher LBM. He was testing out a higher protein diet before he quit doing his website. (It is maintained by the people here at Testosterone, but hasn’t been updated since September 2000.) It used the original Grow also.

His website is http://classicx.com/

Darden is who got me interested in this website, and Testosterone has even influenced him. I would recommend going to his website and just trying his “Big” routine with Massive eating next time anyone wants to bulk up. (November 25, 1998 issue.) It only lasts four weeks, and I think the people on this site would be very surprised at the results. And if not, you can bitch me out. Just make sure you do it right because it is a killer, not for wimps.

The Goverment has been pushing a low fat-high carb diet now for 20 yeras now(give or take). During that 20 years time period and the advent of a slew of low-fat,no-fat foods the obesity rate has skyrocketed.

Well, it’s not really high carb low fat, it’s GARBAGE IN GARBAGE OUT. American people like to eat processed carb like rice cakes, so they got lard-asses. If they dumped out ALL processed carb and ate only slow-cooked oatmeals (plain), fruits, and veggies as their primary carb, they’d not be as fat as they’re now. JMHO.