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High Carb vs Low Carb Days

Hi people hope you can help out and point me in the right direction. I have been using a coach for the last couple of months as I am trying to maintain muscle but change my body composition. I am currently at 176lbs and 5ft 10 and quite lean. My training is progressing well its the nutrition side I am asking for advice on. On a training day I am on 2800 calories with 200protein,55Fat and 360 carb which works well for me. A non training day is 200 protein, 160 carb and 80 fat and this is where I struggle as at the end of the day I always have 300-400 calories left and approx 40g of fat left but no carbs. So I guess what I am asking is could I re jig the macros so I have slightly more carbs but keepsl the fats low or should I keep the same. If I have missed anything out please feel free to ask. Thankyou in advance

What do you want to achieve? If weight gain eat more carbs. If loss eat less. I couldnt understand the question.


Can fill in the cals from good fats like avocado, virgin olive oil etc. Will get your body working better and in turn can lead to fat loss even

Carb manipulation is an attempt to keep fat gain to a minimum while eating at a surplus.

I can’t tell you if it works because I’ve never done it. Paul Carter seems to be a big fan of carb cycling, though.

Why are you questioning your coach so much? Two threads in one day. Don’t give in to that rookie mentality that the grass is greener somewhere else. Keep doing what you’re doing.

160g carbs is a lot. Make better choices early in the day so you have carbs left for the evening.

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What I hear you asking is if you can eat more carbs on your low carb day than you were instructed. I have a fair amount of experience with carb cycling, and my advice would be to stick with the plan. Could it work with more carbs on the low carb day? Possibly. But your coach, who you hired and I assume you are paying money, setup these macros for a reason. Could you maybe pose this question to your coach and get some explanation on his/her methods? Do your coach a favor and include them in this conversation.

He’s no longer using that “coach”. Her posted another thread about changing the program his “coach” gave him.

Ah OK. It doesn’t seem to me that was as trusting of a coaching relationship as some others.

I was working with a guy for a few years and it KILLED me to move on. He began working on his PhD and stopped training. It was hard developing that trust from scratch with someone new–those kinds of things take time. I hope OP one day finds that connection in a coach/mentor because it’s a real game changer, both for the physique but also mentally and emotionally.

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The only things that matter are

  • calories
  • no nutrient deficiencies (use cronometer.com)
  • complete amino acid profile, though that falls under the spectrum of micronutrients being kept in check

Same story for fat loss. You could eat 40% of your calories from sugar and lose fat. There’s nothing magical about any macro if calories and nutrients are kept in check.

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