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High Carb, Low Protein, Low Fat, All Vegan


Is it possible to lose fat and keep muscle while eating ONLY FRUIT and VEGGIES with very little fat and NO PROTEIN ( except for the protein from the fruit and veggies) ????

This is what I am going to demonstrate:

My starting stats are:

Weight: 82.7 kg
Height: 168 cm
BF mm Calippers: 28mm
Chest: 101 cm
Waist navel: 93 cm
Hips: 101 cm
Butt: 109 cm
L Thigh: 62 cm
R Thigh: 63 cm
L Calf: 40.3 cm
R Calf: 39.4 cm
Age: 33 years
Sex: Female

Whish me luck and fingers crossed.

I will be posting my meal plans all fruit smoothies and a salad.

I will stick to the beginner workout program set for V-dieters and the calories which are:

Non-workout day: 1487 cal
Workout day : 1815 cal

See you tomorrow when all the fun starts.

  • Lucy


For the record, it isn't the V-Diet simply because you match the daily kcal totals and use the same workout plan.

I don't know how what kind of results you can expect because I've never really heard of anyone intentionally selecting a low protein diet.

Good luck though, hope you diet works well for you. Interesting idea, I'll be following to see how it goes


DAY 1 :

9.00 NEPA walk

10.30 1 liter of Carrot-Apple-Lemon Juice: 282cals

11.15 Banana Smoothie: about 3.5 bananas, 1 orange, 1 cup chard : 375 cals

11.45 Beginner V-Diet Program: 40 reps per exercise with 45s Rest
A: DB Squat 8 kg : 8reps, 8, 8, 8, 2
B: DB Bench Press 4.5 kg: 9,9,9,9,9
C: DB Bent-over Row 8 kg: 8,8,8,8,8
D: Plank hold: 30s,30s,29s,21s,24s

13.00 Banana Smoothie: 375 cals ( I made a huge one and split it:)

14.00 zucchini, 3 sticks of celery, for dressing blend:4 dates, 1 tomato, half red pepper, small avocado: 300 cals

15.30 6 mandarines: 200 cals

17.00 - 19.30 work

19.45 4 bananas 420 cals

Totals: 1,932, Fat: 17.7g, Carbs: 465.9g, P: 29.8g

... to be continued


For those who doubt :wink: Watch this vid.


It is not really a V-Diet. I just not think that drinking whey protein for 30 days ia healthy. Milk is acid forming food and not well digestible. And if we could get the same result WITHOUT whey feeling excelent ????


Pictures of before would be helpful.


That's why I'm following along to see how it goes :slightly_smiling:

Also, I second patch2 about the before pics. IMHO pics tell a much better story than any numbers you can get by weighing/measuring.


I will get to the pictures tomorrow.

PS: What did you think about the video? :wink:)


In for something...


I didn't watch the whole thing; I've seen plenty of general raw vegan fitness videos out there. While its not impossible to be a raw vegan and still carry mass it's fucking hard. I think any human your size needs more than 1400 calories to be functional. If that's just from vegetables, you also will need a wide fresh grown on good soil variety. You're also going to wreck havoc on your GI.

Have you done anything like this before? What's your background?


The 1400 cal is too low to thrive.It was meant to be similar to the V-diet. I will have to change it to at least 2000 - 2500 cal a day.

And the mejority of calories you get from carbs in fruit not veggies. Veggies are to keep alcaline. It is quite yummy.

And no, I haven`t done anything like this consistently enough to really see any results. I remember eating 100% raw for a week and havent seen any loss of muscle. I felt great also :wink:)

What`s your diet and goals like, Patch2 ?



im sorry, but this isnt going to work in the long term, dont get your hopes up


Well the V-Diet also has energy boosters in it if I remember correctly. HOT-ROX through out?

I have a log in PW http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_women_training_performance_powerful/patch2s_adventures with all my details. You can come check it out, and for what it's worth, I'm a vegetarian.



10:39 NEPA Walk 4,18 km 43mins Avg.Speed: 5,7 km/h


12.10 Smoothie: 500g bananas, 1 orange, some chard

13.20 Zucchini salad: 1 large zucchini, 6dates, red pepper

14.35 4 tangerines

15.10 2 small bananas, 1 apple, 8 hazelnuts

17.45 12 dates

18.45 450g kiwi

21.10 1 small avocado, 2 large carrots

Fat: 29.6 g
Carbs: 418.7 g
P: 37.2 g


And what if it works better than V-Diet? You do not restrict calories and still lose fat;)

Short term ...


The pictures: I am 168 cm tall and weigh 82 kg at the moment.


BACK: Grrrrrrrr loads of years overeating


I think it will work well enough for fat loss, but I wouldn't expect to come out of the diet looking very muscular with the protein that low.

And wow, 400-425 grams of carbs is really high. I eat pretty high carb, weigh ~200lbs, and train heavy just about every day... and I'm still 50-75g below that. 400+grams of carbs on a cut just sounds really iffy to me. Any particular reason why you aren't trying a vegan protein source?

I can understand if you don't like the idea of most of your caloric intake coming from milk protein supplements, but I feel like you are taking it to the other extreme and going too heavy on carbs coming from fruit sources.


Well 400 cals from carbs might seem way too high. But if you are not eating any fat with it, it burns very clean and there is lot of free time for the body to cleanse itself.

That is my logic.


Ok. Here I am again. I do still believe this is doable.

Day O1

  1. 00 1l of water