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High Carb Dieting and Weight


Hey guys,

I am quite a fat guy at the moment and I am also about to start a linear program hoping to gain quite alot of strength while doing something along the lines of a body recomp.

I got the quite a bit of advice from another forum not to do low carb while on a linear program as it will impede progress and recovery.

I also found that doing a paleo style diet was very expensive, I need to be shooting for around £3.00 a day so I can afford all my bills and other things.

I spent the entire day last wednesday in tesco with a pen and notepad trolling around finding food combinations that would let me eat 2500kcal a day for less than £5.00 which would fill me up and provide a good ammount of protein, fiber and something that I would like enough to stick to.

I came up with this and these macros.

split into 5 meals throughout the day

Pork fillet 500g
Basmati rice uncooked 300g
1 can pinto beans
1 can kidney beans
1.5tbsp olive oil
Birseye frozen bag broccoli and carrot 160g
herbs and spices


Total fat - 58g (15 saturates)
Total carb - 312g (15 sugars)
Totl fiber - 36g
Total protein - 177g

I tried this out today and it tasted pretty amazing. I didn't feel any of the usual fat guy cravings and it was cheap as hell.

Would this ammount of carbohydrate really affect fat loss if calories are in check?

I have seen so many conflicting views, Martin Berkhan says carbs are good and essential for building strength and muscle, Mark Rippetoe says doing low carb means YNDTP in his clarification but there are a few people ho claim high carb will make you store fat and mess your insulin up.

I could use some help in figuring this shit out.


As long as you are in a calorie deficit you will lose weight, those macros look like a decent place to start


Thanks man.

By the way is that you in the Avatar? If so your legs are awesome. They look like frank zane's in his beach pose.