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High Carb Day Foods


For those of you who carb cycle, or those of you who are bulking, what do you eat on a "high carb" day?


When I had to cram down 400 to 500 grams of carbs in five hours on the RFL diet, I ate waffles, pancakes, maple syrup (huge amount of carbs in a tiny 1/4 cup serving), baked potato and corn chips, dry cereals, granola, pasta, pretzels, bagels, and/or jelly.

Usually I'd make life simple and have breakfast at IHOP and sample each syrup they had with my stack of pancakes or to the diner and get a serving of home fries and a toasted bagel with jelly.

Most of these are not IDEAL foods to binge on for bulking (eg, maple syrup, jelly) if you're a newbie weighing a buck-60 to -80. Relatively normal caloric intakes (eg, 2400 to 4000) can be hit with less calorically dense and processed foods (eg, yams, potatoes, chicken, oils, etc).

(NOT getting into a clean versus dirty debate with anyone because what I've said applies to those with limited nutrition education and dexterity with portion and caloric control. If someone's adept at this shit, then haev whatever you like in moderation while hitting claoric and nutrient totals.)


(Not being a dick here), but I'm a bit confused as to why, with your amount of conversation and inquiries here and reading on this site that you don't know what food items to eat considering they are all so common (eg, beef, chicken, grains, dairy, potatoes, beans, veggies, fruits, etc). Does any bodybuilder (or average person) consume anything different really?


I meant to ask for ideas. Obviously we all know what foods have high carbs, but I just wanted to see what other BBers do on said days. More like "tips" than info inquiry.


The easiest way for me to cram in more than 1k Calories is a Boboli pizza. If memory serves, the crust alone has around 190g of carbs. Throw a half lb of beef on top with some sauce, cheese and veggies and you've got one hell of a meal. Personally I feel like I handle grains relatively well. You have to be your own judge on that one. I also handles FINiBars well. I love me some rice and sweet potato fries, but my stomach doesn't. I wish I could afford fruit.


Oats, potatoes, rice, WMS. I could get at least 600g of carbs from blended oat shakes, potatoes/rice, and with WMS in workout shakes.


I've been a big fan of children's cereal lately. Frosted flakes, lucky charms, the likes. h and skittles are sugary awesomeness, but the amount of chewing required tends to tire me out before I am able to cram a ton down.

You can't go wrong with ice cream.


I personally don't like the idea of eating all kinds of not-so-healthy foods on high carb days. I just eat more of my "clean" foods on those days. That would be oatmeal, brown rice, yams, sweet potatos.

I am a natural bpdybuilder and the health aspect of your sport has always been very important to me. So I wouldn't binge on highly processed and sugar-loaden foods just in order to make high carb days easier.

I'm not saying it's wrong to have an occasional pizza and I have no beef with anybody doing binge days, it's just something I wouldn't do.


You can buy a 5 lb bag of frozen strawberries or blueberries for dirt cheap at Costco. Defrost the amount you want for a few days.


^^If that's you in your avi, I'd take advice from you all day long.


I don't see the need for a binge day at all? What does it do other than satisfy obscene indulgence?

(Note: Indulgence doesn't refer to someoen who actually NEEDS to do some insane eating [eg, Dave Tate breaking into the 308 class]).

hlss: How much do you weigh? How often do you lift? How much experience do you have? Unless you're very big and VERY active or have some exceptionally high metabolism, a measly 2,700 to 3,500 calories might get you to grow.

Your questions indicate beginner status, so that's why I assume (nothing wrong with assuming contrary to popular belief) you don't need to eat the most calorically dense foods to meet your caloric requirement.

I see you've been asking a lot of questions and admitted confusion. Why not just tell us what you're doing and how much you weigh and if you're lean or chubby so you can get pointed in the right direction?


Im 6 foot 2, around 180 give or take
Im doing ct's ovt program 4 days a week and 2 HIIT sessions per week as well as a pulse fast. The fast comes on sun, the day after my high day. My diet has been 3000 th 3200 cals, 275 to 350g carbs, 90ish g fats and 200 to 250g pro. Im trying to bulk clean bc i tend to put on weight pretty easily.

Ive realized that cutting is rediculous since i dont have much muscle to cut down on. The fast is there to mitigate excess fat gain. Im not chubby, i can flex and see myabs, but i can also push my belly out to make it look like im pregnant haha. Apparently u gotta get a little chubby to to eventually get cut.....hope that clarifies


^^ Brick has had a lot of good things to say in this thread.

On my high carb days I eat white rice, brown rice, Ezekiel bread, and potatoes. I also recently tried brown rice pasta and really enjoy it. I will definitely be having a bunch of that on my high carb day Sunday.

For the record, on my low carb days I eat the same thing as far as carb sources, except I only have 80 grams of carbs instead of 420.


Thank you.


I was thinking about having an omelet and some waffles from ihop for dinner....better than pizza and coke.


You're of average weight even for someone who doesn't lift. So you don't need ultra-caloric intake. So you're on the right track nutritionally.

How about we use the term "fat loss"? Cutting really refers to getting down to some extremely low bodyfat percentage.

You said you're not chubby, and you really don't have to get so darn chubby to put on muscular weight.

It doesn't matter how chubby or lean you are--anyone good at "belly breathing" (me included) can make themselves look like they have a prosthetic gut. I'm actually pretty good at it, and its a desirable thing to do in the squat, bench, and deadlift (hence the term "belly out").

There's nothing wrong with a protein sparing modified fast once per week, and it might be a good idea. I personally wouldn't place some huge leg or back workout on that day--maybe shoulders and/or arms.

You're already on a good track. Why the need for more tips?

(Note to other posters: NOT going into semantics over chubby-fast bulking versus gradual bulking here considering the only damn people who succeed in chubby-fast bulking don't even need guidance in what they do except in some cases where it's time to get cut. I don't like hearing of genetic exceptions or exceptions who inherently knew what they were doing coming out of the gate! Most on here aren't like that, and that's why they have so many inquiries in the first place! MOST men don't succeed in fast/overeating style bulking, and that's that.)


Dude, just focus on total protein and caloric amount and have some "dirty" (lack of a better word) stuff while remaining within those amounts.

It's not like waffles are so much more nutritious or special than pizza and vice versa.


i go for cheerios and ice cream on carb ups .there are no bad foods IMO, only the amounts and how many times they are eaten make them have bad effect on diet and body comp .
i hate binges and dont have them , i cant stand feeling like shit afterwards. i learnt early on to avoid this eat a little of what you want when you want but thats just me i understand that some people have less self control than others .


Not entering the clean v dirty debate either but having tried most variations of carb cycling I feel with dirty carb-up its 10% tactical and 90% indulgence. Like Lia67 says, the binge and subsequent shitty feeling afterwards is counter-productive. Sure, have a treat or two and satisfy a craving but don't use it as a free for all.


Simple solution to the binge problem is to make your cheat the last or second last meal. You get the benefit of feeling good after eating some indulgent food, but you can't go nuts.