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High Carb Blues

Does anyone feel BETTER on a low carb diet than they did on a high carb diet? I find that I’m much more alert, and don’t feel drowsy at all during the day when I limit my carbs to 50g post workout and maybe 50g of greens a day.

Sounds like carb intolerance to me (Been there, done that). Do a search for the “Poliquin-style Diet Support Group.”

Alot of it depends on where your carbs are coming from. If you eat a lot of high glycemic carbs throuout the day then you will feel tired and lethargic because of constant insulin spikes and fluctuating blood glucose levels. If I keep my carbs to veggies, oatmeal, yams, and certain fruits then I don’t have that problem. If I eat a lot of high glycemic carbs other than post training and first thing in the am then yes I have the same problems as you mentioned.

Yes. I think it’s highly individual, but I feel like crap on more than 100g of carbs per day. I don’t even use any high GI carbs post work out. For my body type I don’t feel they help me recover much. I only use whey protein in water post work out. It’s difficult sometimes because I have a real sweet tooth, but if I eat sweets I crave more, so it’s easiest to just avoid them altogether. All my carbs come in the form of fiberous veggies. I eat almost no grains, potatoes, rice or sugar. Every Sunday I have a little pizza and ice cream as a treat and even that makes me feel like crap. Again, I think it’s highly individual, but I just don’t need much in the way of carbs for growth, performance and recovery. Lot’s of quality proteins and fats serve me much better. I’m a fairly active person, lifting 3 times/week (45mins) and grappling (MMA) 3-4 times/week (1 1/2 hrs.each session) Conventional wisdom says I need a lot of carbs for recovery. I don’t, simple as that. But, my body type is one that gains fat very, very easy while also gaining muscle and strength quite easily. Low carbs work well for me, but I don’t think it would be a good nutritional program for a naturally lean, hard gainer type. Basically I function best physically and mentally on the type of diet Mercola advocates.

Jeff, you’re learning about the magic of metabolic and macronutrient manipulation. A high-carb lunch at work used to zonk me out big time. Of course, that was another life. I now limit carbs to 100g a day, 50 of which is post recovery. Carbs increase seratonin levels. Seratonin is the brain chemical that causes you to feel sleepy (among other things). Depending on one’s insulin sensitivity (good) or lack of it (bad), each of us is able to take in a varying degree of carbs. You’re learning your body’s requirements and the point at which you enjoy optimal performance and mental alertness. Good for you!!!

I was the opposite. When I went to a low carb diet my training sucked bad and I had no energy. I switched back to a higher carb diet and felt much better.

Yep, I thrive on 50-100 g. carbs/day. The key is to get plenty of EFA’s (fish, flax, Udo’s, CLA, etc). When I did Bodyopus and Lyle’s CKD I had a hard time functioning, but I was doing virtually all saturated fat w. a little flax oil. Not everyone can do low carbs, but for me it’s ideal.

i feel great on the anabolic diet, although i sometimes feel like i die a bit too early in workouts… gonna add in some creatine soon. I do however feel damn good too on the carbups, but it is in a pleasant and tired way.

I wouldn’t call my diet low-carb, exactly, but it’s lowER than it used to be - and I feel much better.

Has anyone had any experience with a lower carb diet-100gms-and Mag-10.