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High Calories Cause Free Radicals/Aging?


What do you all think about this blog saying that increased diet increases oxygen absorption (as well as working out which oxidizes the body) and thus causing increased aging?


Should we all become 3000 calorie/day vegans???


Yes, a high calorie diet will indeed produce more free radicals, but I would kind of doubt that it's much higher than a "normal" diet since, if I recall correctly, most of the free radicals are from oxygen interacting with either cytochrome oxidase or Co Q on the ETC which isn't going to become(much) more active simply because you're ingesting more calories..

I'd say that, thinking about it like this, exercising probably produces the most free radicals. But just remember that's only part of the whole 'aging' equation and in the long run probably nothing worth worrying too much about.


More metabolism = more free radicals simply by process of increased oxidation respiration.

It's not rocket science, nor is it news. Take your antioxidants and you'll be fine.


But not too many, less they become pro-oxidant!


Or, gasp, eat a balanced diet?!??

If you do ANYTHING in excess, except sex, it's bad for you.

You didn't mention that drinking too much water can be bad for you....