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High Calories/Carbs Food


Im looking for foods high in calories.I've experimented with rice,peanut butter,milk,nuts,oats,potatoes.Yesterday i ate 1kg of white rice.I checked only today the back of bag where it says informations and it says 343 calories/100g.I checked yesterday on a website and it said its about 2.2k calories, but now that i checked another website it says its about 3.5k calories.



are you averse to eating junk food?

Nuts are really high calorie. They're about the highest calorie "clean" food I can think of.

As disgusting as it probably is to some people, when I need a load of carbs, fast (post-workout), I sometimes just drink a pint of lucozade. It's got like 80g of carbs.


What, exactly, did you eat yesterday? I mean, other than 3500 calories of rice. Seeing your profile info listed as 6'3" and 170 pounds, I'm interested in your answer.

I'd go with the info on the bag - the product itself - rather than some website.

As for calorie-dense foods, anything in liquid form (shakes and such) is usually an easier way to throw down a lot of calories in a short amount of time. You can make an 1800-calorie shake with milk, protein powder, peanut butter, and honey pretty quickly, and that's barely scratching the surface of blender bombs.

Nuts, like Yogi mentioned are great and calorie-dense. Whole eggs are always nice, but they can get kinda filling after a while. Some guys even take olive oil shots, like you might do a tequila shot, just to knock back a fast hit of fat and calories.


Potatoes with a lot of butter, and a little salt and vinegar. Also mashed plantains boiled or microwaved for 5 minutes, then mashed and cooked in coconut oil. Add cinnamon. You can put coconut butter in coffee.

Whole eggs and rice. Add red palm oil.

If you eat bread, just wam it up and soak it in olive oil. Avocados. 80/20 ground beef.

Warm rice cereal with butter and protein powder. Whole grass fed cow milk. Half and Half.


12 egg omelets with veggies, cheese, and butter.

nom nom nommmm.

Also for snacks on the go baked potatoes doused with butter or coconut oil.

So many more options, take a big with a variety of nuts, seeds, raisins, figs, whatever where you go!


You could always add breading to chicken breasts...50g of doritos crushed with a rolling pin and added to the breasts increase the total calories to over 400 without even increasing the food volume by much.


breading chicken with doritos is perhaps the most incredible idea of all time


That 1kg of rice was my breakfast.Im just testing with food, ate 1kg of rice, 200g of peanut butter,big bowl of potatoes with lean porc meat, and 1 l of milk before bed.


kid's cereal, chestnuts, waffles/syrup, granola bars (though, the fiber can have some effects), banana, cassava (2x as much as potato), asian snacks made w/ cassava and rice flour, rice krispie treats, bagels


you ate 1k of rice... just for your breakfast? Dude, you are going to get fat as fuck if you keep on like that!


Nah man its working,ive been skinny all my life,i wont get fat now :wink: already put 10kg at squat and 5kg at bench in 2 workouts, i wanna see how deadlift goes though.Once i reach my goal i'l stop bulking for a while just to see how well my strenght is preserved.


If it's working for you mate then it's all good. Just keep an eye on your waist measurement. A lot of dudes have over-bulked in their time, including me.


Is that 1kg cooked rice?


Ofc i cook it,theres no difference betwenn cooked and uncooked,only changes in volume
due to water,im eating an 1 kilo bag every morning,takes like 1 hour.




he means uncooked


I wish I had this problem of not getting enough calories.



Douse your food in Extra virgin olive oil before you eat it.

Ordered a pizza? Cover it oil first.

eating some chicken? dip each piece in oil.

The easiest way to up calories is via fat. For instance when I make a pot of rice in my rice cooker I add 1-3 large table spoons of coconut oil to it.


So you eat a lot of protein


Isn't rice an antidiarrheal? Have you been able to go to the toilet as you usually would since embarking on this "approach"?