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High Calorie/Low Carb Foods?


I really need to cut my carbs in half but maintain a really high cal diet. Can anyone give me some foods that fit this discription?


SO low carb but high fats???? What are you trying to do?


Eggs. Beef. Every fat source.


well my current diet stands at; pro= 220-250g carbs= 650g cal=3500-4000g and fats=100g

The reason for the stupidly high carb numbers is that i have recently purchased a mass-gainer, i did so because i needed to drastically increase my cals.


... Thats a lot of carbs holy shit.


Haha yeah. Hope to up the fats and protein for the cal instead :slightly_smiling:


natural peanut butter, cant get enough of it!!

and like the Scott said, just about any high fat food.


Be sure and eat the fat on your steaks and pork chops.
Eat the skin on your chicken.
When making tuna sammiches, use a LOT of mayo.
Add coconut oil or olive oil to your protein shakes.
Drink whole milk.
Cook your eggs in a lot of butter.
Saute your veggies in a pan of olive oil. Drink whatever is left in the pan.
Follow up every meal with 2 tbsp of peanut butter.

Health note: Avoid all trans fats and hydrogenated oils like the plague!


Not really, especially if the OP is training hard and trying to gain weight.


True, I would deffinetely gain fat way too quick with that many carbs though, everyones different though.


I posted my advice on your situation in your other thread:

Lots of good advice in this thread, but I'll just remind everyone here that, as per his first post in the other thread, this dude's 6'2", 170 pounds, and was 140 pounds a year and a half ago. We're talking about a skinny guy, and that can change the scenario quite a bit.