High Calorie Drinks

Hello all, I am curious about these 1500-2000 calorie drinks that are on the market. You see I am about 205 and am trying to put on another 10 pounds. My goal weight is a ripped 200 lbs so I am trying to builk past to make cutting around muscle easier to achieve.

I have a pretty good diet for maintenance including 6 meals a day. Two shakes one PC one PF, an omelette and a bagel with some oj, and then two meals consisting of chicken and salad or beef and salad (both of these are loaded with olive oil fish oil flax oil etc.) I really don’t want to eat any more whole food, it is pretty hard to do all this so I was looking into a high calorie drink.

The only hang up for me is that I can’t figure how 1500 calories all at once can be good for you. I mean the rest of my meals range from 550-750 calories. Am I over thinking this or is there a problem with these drinks. They seem like they would save me from a lot of trouble of trying to beef up my 6 meals which dont include my 16 oz choco milk on cardio days and 2 weightgainer 320 cal drinks. Any help would be great.

Before you all think I am not eating enough whole foods. The PF and PC Shake are made of the following

PF Shake
2 cups Whole Milk
2 servings PB (about 400-430 cals)
1/4 Cup Mixed Nuts
1 Cup plain FULL FAT yogurt

PC Shake
2 Cups skim milk
1 Banana
1 Cup dry oats
1 cup Fat Free Yogurt

I just think that a weightgainer would easily boost my 10 pounds although I’d have to start with some of the calories and eventually boost it up to all of the gainer cals so as to keep fat gain to a minimum

those drinks are made with either a ton of sugar, or a ton of maltodextrin, pretty much worthless.

just keep making your own shake out of real food (shakes aren’t hard to stomach, no more than any weight gainer) makes eating 4500 cals/day for me much easier.

this is a shake that I make

1 cup calorie countdown chocolate milk
1/2 c plain yogurt
2 TBSP Natty PB
1 scoop Metabolic Drive Chocolate
Pecans (1/3 c, might experiment with more)
1 TBSP olive oil
couple ice cubes

about 750 calories

Which high calorie drinks? It depends what’s in them but I’m guessing they’re filled with sugars and fats? I think you’re on the right track with the high calorie drinks you are already making. Why skim milk and fat free yogurt? You can add calories by using whole milk or 2% and regular yogurt.

Some fat is good in the diet. I actually make some of my shakes with 2 tbs whipping cream. It adds 10 grams of fat and 100 calories. 30% of my calories comes from fat.

Well I recently purchased Scrawny to Brawny by Berardi and I figured while I was doing his workouts I would stick to his P+F P+C meal organizations. Are they really all sugar and fat?

[quote]T-man21 wrote:
Are they really all sugar and fat? [/quote]

Most are protein and sugar, some are protein and fat and sugar. Some don’t list sugar under the nutrion data, but if it lists Maltodextrin as it’s carb source that’s the same thing, for all practical intents and purposes. You have to read the ingredients labels carefully to know what you are really getting, and I haven’t seen a weight gainer yet that wasn’t garbage.