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High Calorie Diets Bad?

I thought I had read somewhere that staying on a diet of under 2000 C a day was one of the best ways to prolong your life. Granted I am eating much more than that to build up while I am young, I was wondering how long people tend to stay on these Massive Eating-like diets.

I suppose a Long life is no good if you don’t live it though.

Yep shit happens. Something about keeping insulin under control but there are things as well like eating nutrient dense food, etc. I seriously doubt it you’ll live that long if all you ever eat is twinkies even at low calories.

I’d say that it depends on macronutrient break-down of your calories, as well as how many calories you are burning. The biggest problem with high calorie diets is that most people on them are overfat. If you are fit, atheltic, and eating healthy foods, you don’t need to worry about caloric consumption having a negative affect your mortality.