High-cal meals?

I was talking to an ex-bodybuilder, who in contest shape was about 210, 6% BF, and about 6’2"-6’3". He also competed in powerlifting and had a deadlift of 700+ pounds. He was telling me of one of his meals which was a protein shake with whole milk, 6 raw egg whites, whatever protein powder he was using at the time, an orange, a banana, and a whole myraid of other stuff he’d put in there. Basically, he told me that this meal was in the 2,000 cal range.

So I was thinking we could start a thread where people post some of their personal concoctions here so we can all benefit and give our daily caloric goals a little boost.

Can’t comment on your bodybuilder friend, but because I like to talk about food:

1 cup ice
14 oz 1% milk
1 banana
4 strawberries (optional)
2.5 scoops Prolab chocolate whey powder

Absolutely, without a doubt, totally boring… but I’ve never tired of it in three years because it tastes so good. And I like chocolate.


Apparently this bodybuilder has not heard of a fork. I can eat 2,000kcal meals of solid foods in my sleep. Add in liquid nutrition and we’re approaching 4 or 5k range.

A whole jar of peanut butter, 2 scoops of protein powder, 3-4 tsp. sunflower oil in a blender split into two liquid meals appx. 1300 calories. Calories and convenience.

I guess I could just start throwin’ shit into the blender and see how it tastes and see what the calories end up totaling.

Alexander, 1,300cal per shake or 1,300 total? I’m assuming 1,300 per shake.

1 dead baby calf, 1 10-lb bag of Idaho Potatoes, 5 gallons whole milk, 1 6-lb cheese wheel, 3 bi-curious lipstick lesbians, 2 gross glow-in-the-dark condoms, bathtub full of astroglide and red food coloring, 8 bottles amyll nitrate, 1 weight belt and 2 & 1/2 knee wraps…

I mean, for chrissake people… how big are you guys?

I’m definitely no Gunter S-whatever, but I am 6’6" tall and 250 lbs at 13% bodyfat, and there’sno way I could eat my normal 7 meals at 2,000 calories per meal without sporting a massive gut…

I mean I do eat 6,000 calories or more a day, but man, that’s a lot of food you guys talking about. Then again I’m probably comparing titties to nipples as I go for body shape and strength, not just strength with my lifting regimen. Me thinks I keep forgetting this is mainly a powerlifting site. Which hey, I like powerlifting, but I intimidate enough women as it is with my size being proportionate and all that crazy stuff…

Brock, hahahahahahahaha!

Double Quarterpounder w/chesse= 760cal SuperSize Fries=610cal SuperSize Coke= 410cal all together 1880 cal.

Hell Yes!!! That was lunch. :wink: JK

How’s that for a high cal meal. :wink:

To add to what Brock says was this guy natural when he was competing? I doubt it. I don’t even know if you can digest 2000 cal in sitting properly.


…bathtub full of astroglide and red food coloring…

Brock, buddy, that was too much. :~)


How many calories would a baby have? Maybe JR could answer that one.

Well, well, well, funny you should ask. As it turns out, I just finished whipping up a batch of some baby chilli.

It depends on the cut, but, generally speaking, per 3oz serving, the macronutrient breakdown for baby is:

Protein: 15g
Fat: 2.5g
Carb: 0g

Normally I eat 9oz servings with my P/F meals, giving me about 45g of protein and 7.5g fat (hey, I can math!). That’s about 250 calories. Obviously, this isn’t enough food for most people; I usually add lots of cheese and then have a small Grow! shake afterwards.

A great snack if ever there was one.

Is the fat content in babies primarily omega-3 or omega-6? This would be important as I am trying to increase my insulin sensitivity.

fitone, yes, he was natural. He also told me that he built up to that 2,000 calories in one meal and thats what he was taking in after 5 years of lifting and eating right. He said that at that point he was taking in anywhere from 7,500 to 10,000 cals a day.

I don’t buy that fact he was natrual. The only tupe people I’ve known to consume that amount of cal. For one day were not natrual. Certin, steriods helps the protien food break down. The fact that he’s natrual and is consuming that many cal puzzles me. I see no need for that many cal. in one sitting or one day.