High BP Questions (Test E / DBol)

First post, although I have obtained immense amounts of information on here over the years and truly appreciate everyone’s knowledge.

I am 31, 5’10, 195lb, 12% BF (highest ive been in years), and on week 4 of my second cycle.

First cycle was Test E 500wk only for 10wks, Aromasin E3D 12.5mg. BP never went above 128/70. I put on 22lbs and maintained about 12lbs of that after a few months of being off. Very satisfied and all blood workout looked great after PCT.

I’m now running my second cycle, this time with the addition of DBol for 5 weeks @ 30mg ED, and Aromasin 12.5 EOD now.

I just started Week 4 today, and my Blood Pressure is between 142/60 and 165/65. My resting heart rate between 54-62.

So although my diastolic and heart rate appear to be good, my systolic is causing concern. My off cycle BP is between 115-122sys/60dys.

Should I drop the DBol?
Try Hawthorne berry? If so, dosage?

Or could it be something as simple as maybe bumping up my Aromasin to 12.5 ED? I don’t feel as though I’m carrying a ton of water, I have zero “high BP symptoms”, no high or low E symptoms. Feel pretty ****ing good other than seeing my systolic numbers.

Any advice is much appreciated! Sorry if I forgot to include anything.

It’s probably the dbol. You can either tinker with the AI dose or drop the dbol. One of those is using more drugs to fix a problem caused by drugs, the other is the opposite. Up to you how to proceed.

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I read that quick so sorry if i have the info wrong but it sounds like you only have a week left to go on the dbol (which is most likely causing this)

Those nunbers are a little high but in all honesty they are nothing to worry about for another week. If those were your levels all cycle then that wouod need to be addressed. But for probably thr last 4 weeks and now 1 more week if i were you i wouldnt go messing around trying to add more AI. Either drop it or ride it out.

Thank you both for the advice. I think I am going to just drop the DBol, although I absolutely love how I feel on it (10x more amped up in the gym than just on test), just not sure it’s really worth it.

I’m in my 4th week now. If I drop it entirely, I’m worried I’ll feel like shit for a week or so until I feel the test (took almost into week 6 last time for me). Should I drop to 15mg for this week then cut it out next week? Or just drop it entirely?

Thank you

i am new here but ive ran into to blood pressure problems as well white on my own cycle of dbol and test e im just keeping an eye on it taking hydrocloratizide (spelling) water pill. helps with the bloating 10mg of cialis eod as it is a vasodilator so im a bit more vascular and it lowers my bp along with 12.5mg eod of aromasin i had crazy high e2 86.3 30 or so points above normal range which caused an obscene amount of water gain/retention.luckily have 6 days of dbol remaining .

What was your first cycle pct that lead great blood results?

Quick way to drop your blood pressure is to donate blood. I recommend donating blood every 8 weeks while using steroids. Most pros and serious athletes do this to keep hematocrit down and also lower blood pressure.

There is no good evidence that blood donation reduces blood pressure in any meaningful way. If you’re getting high bp from taking dbol then stop taking it. You have a cause/effect relationship thus you can eliminate the effect by ceasing the cause.

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Sorry guys, forgot to update this post.

I stopped the DBol the day after I made this post due to the high BP. I actually went to the doctor last Thursday to get lab work and BP checked, and had it done multiple times averaging right at 120/60.

Turns out, my home cuff is too small. The cuff states 8”-16.5”. I guess I am getting too close to the upper end. Anyway, I sadly do not know if DBol actually raises my BP at all at this point, but don’t plan to take it again to find out.

Happy with sticking to the Test E for the remainder and seeing what happens. Started at 186lbs and am hovering around 204 now, with a good bit of time left on Test.

yeah the bp cuff and machine was rated for 16.5 to 22 but i still get high readings from time to time when i went and had it done at the va it was much lower. 130/60 but only a few days left on dbol i dont think it will be an issue.

Thanks for updating. That’s actually very interesting information. I bought a blood pressure monitor for the house and never considered that. I think my cuff is for 16.5 as well and my arms are close to 18". I’ll have to look into it a little more.

not saure what my arms are need to measure to stroke my ego but i know my left is slightly smaller and the readings are definitely different so size does matter lol!

Lol I’m trying to hit that 20" blood pressure cuff.

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thats what i have i would hop my arms are 17-18 but who knows