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High BP from Test/Adrol


Hey guy,

I'm 26 yo, 230 pounds, 5'10"
been working out for around 10 years. I did around 4 cycles.

I am on
week 1 - week 8 ===> test 500mgs
week 5 - week 10 ==> adrol 100mg every day
week 5 - week 10 ==> stanazol pills 50mg every day
Letro for an AI

im in week 7 now and i've realized that im getting alot of headaches and migraines.
what do you guys think? is it blood pressure? what would you do?


forgot to mention that i am on dave palumbo's keto. lost around 5 pounds of fat until now. started with a belly and love handles. now my abs are a bit visible and the love handles are gone.


I got headaches on Anadrol until I upped my carb intake significantly.

I would not suggest Anadrol and dieting together.


Thanks for your input ins8ibl,
any other thoughts?


go to the doctor and get it checked if you are worried.


If you plan to cycle often you would be wise to get a home bloodpressure sleeve checker.

They are less than a hundred bucks.


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Westclock I'm going to get one today. Its a good idea to have one around, especially since I'm planning to cycle more in 2011. Thanks bud

BBB I'm going to lower the Test for the rest of the cycle. your input is always appreciated. Thanks


I would also like to note that I had a blood pressure sleeve at my house that I tried using, it read my BP at 185/95 (which is pretty fucking high).

I went to the doctor's office and they recorded it at 130/80. They said the ones you can use at home are notorious for being inaccurate.


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I lowered my test today to 250mgs/week. Today was my first 125mg shot.

just for the sake of knowledge, if one would use the same cycle (test,adrol,stan) for bulking. The test will be higher than or equal to 500mgs usually. Blood pressure will raise. should one use ALDACTONE? I hear it has some side effect. Is there a better solution?


Sub dbol for the drol drop winny, add more test and secondary anabolic.

Drol is sort of a funny drug, Ive used it, wasnt a huge fan, prefer dbol.

Id rather run higher test and dbol, proven combo. Then low test with drol and winny.


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Have you ever tried using potassium as a diuretic BBB? What about OTC diuretics (just to lower water retention and BP, not for cuts).


when i bulk, i do that.
Test - dbol - deca or eq but this will cost me double the price or even more than the test-drol-stan.
Test here is very cheap, adrol, dbol and stan as well. the rest of the injectables are VERY VERY expensive.
Trying to save some money for Peptides, lol


Chears mate