High BP Experimental Stack

My 51st Birthday is coming up in July, so I cobbled together a “stack” to get in shape for photos on the (depressing) day. Note: I am an Endo-Mesomorph body type, and am on Blood Pressure meds, so I avoid any “fat burner” stimulants (and have found that NO2 supplements have no pump effects for me, likely condraindicated by the BP meds)…My “experimental stack” will be: Methoxygen 7 Hydroxy LMC with “Humanovar/Humanofort” & Creatine Ethl Ester (I also will be taking my usual ZMA,CLA,Thyroid support vitamins,“C”,7-Keto “lean out” vitamin mix (in hope of some type of non stimulant fat loss support) plus the standard vitamin minerals and aminos…Seeking comments/advice as to am I on the right track to the deadline or will I still look like an aging bloated frog in my birthday party photos/;0)

Dear Mr. Blacksnake,

You spent a lot of money for nothing. I have lifted on and off for like forever. I’ve tried just about everything that has come down the pike, supplement wise.
Here’s what I have found that really does work - and by work, I mean you can feel it. Really feel it, so there is no doubt that you took something real:

ECA stack
MAG-10 (This shit was awesome!)
Testosterone (HRT dose)

You will notice that the first 3 are illegal, and the last requires a script.

I reccomend you read everything on this site by Berardi, and buy Alwyn Cosgrove’s new book. If you follow Berardi for a couple months, and do the fat-burning w/outs AC gives you, you will probably look much better and may even be off your BP meds as well. Good luck!

Hankr: I appreciate you taking the time to comment and will take your input into consideration, however, I did state that I need to avoid injesting any grey market substances as I am drug tested and due to meds for BP & Colesterol (this IS the over 35 forum, right?) I’m already restricted to OMBB (OldManBodybuilding) as it is, So I reckon it’s not a sin to want to look as good as I can for my age bracket, Nicht Var?..I mean, I’d still like to get laid occasionally and being an aging flab monster taint’ gonna’ help…