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High BP 3 Weeks into Cycle

I had completely normal bp before cycle and everything was in check, now im 3rd week of test e 500mg/week and sust 500mg/week(this sust is from the cycle before, had a 2/3 of vial (500mg/ml) so i started using it until test e reaches full conc), i already did cycles with test, npp, tren and never had any issues, now i added tbol at 50mg/day and after three weeks my bp went to 150/80, i tappered it down with propranolol(40mg/day), but nothing happend, its 140/60, i dropped tbol to 30mg/day, also im using primo at 400mg/week, and mk677. Since I do have water retention from test, i thought maybe its up to e2, so i took 1/4 of letro yesterday, and nothing happend again, so i will more likely drop tbol completely since thats the only compound that maybe can cause high bp(since test never got me like this), but why now 3 weeks in since it has half life of 16hrs? Im on clean diet, P300g C300-400g F50g, supplements 1200mg NAC,3-6g Omega3, 2g vit c, 2g metformin due to mk677 (im measuring my blood glucose and its perferct on this dose), 5g arginine prewo and 5g before bed, so thats everything that can affect my bp. Maybe some more supplements to take or completely drop tbol?

You have high blood pressure because you’re using a gram of test + primo + tbol + mk677, cumulatively these are pretty big dosages. It’s no surprise 40mg propranolol/day barely put a dent in you’re BP. Beta-blockers aren’t first line meds for the treatment of hypertension; Diuretics, ace-inhibitors/ARB’s and calcium Channel blockers are all more effective in relation to garnering a hypotensive effect (not recommending you use any of these, all medications have risks…).

When propranolol IS used to treat hypertension, 40mg/day is on the verrrry low end. I believe the maximum approved dosage of propranolol to treat hypertension is somewhere around 600mg/day. But beta-blockers, esp non-selective ones can fuck up you’re glucose tolerance… This is NOT an effect you’d want on cycle (granted 40mg propranolol/day is a low dose)

Is there any medicine you would say is better than propanolol for bp since i cant find lisinopril?

lol i wish my bp was like yours on cycle.

my bp is 140/80 even when im on nothing.

For the right BP medication you should go to a doctor. Normally in 90% of cases they start with an ACE-Inhibitor which would be something like lisinopril, perindopril, ramipril, enalapril and often they’d start with captopril (shorter half life, so you can better check for adverse effects first).
There’s many problems with going on BP medication unchecked, for example, if you got a kidney stenosis, you likely loose a kidney from hopping on an ACE-I.
There’s lots of reasons for your BP being high. It’s likely the gear but what I would do is stop some of the gear, finish the cycle, look if BP ist still high, when yes, then see a doc. A few weeks with a BP of 150/90 isn’t that bad. It runs in my family and my granddad and my dad both were running around with BP well into the 200s and above 180 nearly every day for years. My Grandfather had a myocardial infarction at i think 50 but he was a heavy smoker and drinker too, so I think with a few weeks I wouldn’t stress out, cause it raises your blood pressure.