High Box Squat vs High Pin Squat for Quads

Hi CT,
Quick question on targeting the quads for maximal activation, I read your article on high box squats to target the quads which was very helpful. I have a dominant posterior chain and a strong hamstring reflex in my squat which takes a lot away from my quads. I looking at targeting my quads using this method but-

  1. In terms of method, which do you think is better the high box squat or the high squat from pins in a power cage? (Both using a 2 sec pause at the bottom to minimise the stretch reflex and shift contraction to the quads). Whats better to target the quads?

Thank you for the help,

I’ve used both and I really think that it depends on the main purpose for the exercise in your plan.

From experience the high pin squat is a bit better to improve muscle activation, making the subsquent exercises more effective whereas the higher box squat is a bit superior as a stand-alone muscle-builder.

HOWEVER the pin squat and be made as effective by emphasizing the eccentric phase (going down in 4ish seconds). The natural tendency with the pin squat is to go back down fast whereas when you are doing a box squat you instinctively go slow more slowly to avoid slamming down on the box, which is the reason why it tends to be a bit better for hypertrophy.

BTW, by “high” box I still believe that you should go down to a knee angle of 90 degrees.