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High Bodyfat Percentage, Starting First Cycle

At 35% body fat (per Dexa scan), I am a semi-professional football (American) player, that plays offensive line (Right guard). I have high levels of strength but want to up it even higher. I lift/train consistently 5 days a week plus cardio/conditioning as camp recently started. I am near NFL levels and have been reading into good cycle plans. I don’t necessarily care about cutting, but I don’t wish to put on more weight (I’m 6’4 300 lbs.). With such a high body fat% I’d assume my first cycle would have significant weight loss after proper PCT and bloating goes away, due to muscle replacing fat. I do know as well that the more fat I carry, it will increase my likelihood for estrogen-related side effects, but my main question is with proper training, and nutrition, will these sides be managable with an AI like arimidex at .5mg eod? or will I have to up the dose due to all of the test aromatizing from fat. And with that, here is my cycle (15 weeks) after I recieve feedback, will update as info. comes in.

D-bol - 40mg every day (weeks 1-6)
Test-E - 250mg every four days (weeks 1-15)
Arimidex - .5mg eod (weeks 1-15)
2 weeks after last pin Nolva for PCT + Test booster supplement.

Skip the test booster during pct. It’s a waste of money on its own and is double useless when on Nolva.

Now, to your question. Yes, that is a high bf and normally that’s a no-fly zone for gear. But because of your situation I would guess that it’s pretty normal. O lineman don’t have the luxury of being at 15%. You’re a figurative wall, so mass is mass in that game. Making the other guy work harder to move it means that having more of it is good, even if it’s more fat than you’d normally want to carry around. And since you will not be the first guy playing that position at that level of the sport to dabble in steroids I have to assume that there are cycle protocols that apply. Because every single dude in the league is on something at some point. Which means there’s another guy who’s at 35% and managed his e2 just fine. You’ll just have to really monitor your symptoms closely and treat them if and when they arrive.

As for gaining strength, what you’ve laid out seems fine for such a goal. You’re going to have better recovery, better endurance, and with the dbol some immediate boost in your overall power. Use it wisely. Don’t overdo it because that’s how guys get hurt. You’re used to be strong, obviously. Don’t let it go to your head. You’re going to be feeling really good as you start out and if you don’t take it slow you’ll regret it.

Have you looked into HGH? I think the NFL is sponsored by Humatrope at this point, so that has to be considered as a viable weapon for your goals. It takes longer to work and it doesn’t give you an immediate response in regards to strength, but over time it helps with recovery and that leads to better workouts, which leads to more strength, etc.

I agree with everything iron said.

Altho i would be hesitant to use the dbol. Dbol can add 20+ lbs quickly of water and glycogen. At your size that might be putting a bit to much strain on your body. I would say look into anadrol or possibly even tbol instead for the strength gains.

Lol 100%

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I like the cycle. You will put on water weight as Zeek said but it will go away quickly when you cease the dbol. My suggestion is to lower the dose of Adex to .25mg EOD while on the dbol and then twice per week after ceasing the dbol. I ran test 600mg and 40mg dbol with no AI and had no issues. I always advocate to start lower if you use one at all.

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I was originally thinking about anadrol, but the sides seem even worse than Dbol. you have any exp. with it? Also, i read that the gains made on anadrol are super crazy and effective, but when you stop everything from the a-bombs are gone. Would this be true even though Im running test-e 250mg 2x a week?

I have no experience with either of them. My knowledge comes from paper and buddies who have used both.

It seems people usually prefer one or the other. Gains are def not lost when stopping adrol tho.

I suggested adrol over dbol just because of your size. I would think that the bloat that can be caused by dbol would be extremely uncomfortable.

If you can afford good HGH, I’d suggest stacking it with your Test. You will gain water weight initailly, then it will come off and the fat will start to drop rapidly while preserving the muscle. I ran this for 3 months last year and had good success. I would have run it longer if I could have afforded it. Try 5 IU nightly for about 90 -120 days and see where you are. if you like the fat loss, then maybe a maintenance dose at around 2 or 3 IU daily.

I appreciate all of the replies so quickly, but would anyone have any links to Test-e cycle protocol for overweight athletes?

It’s goi g to be the same as for someone who is lean, with the one difference being the near-certain need for an AI. But otherwise testosterone is testosterone, whether you’re big or small.