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High Bloodpressure


I hope somebody can help me here. I started working out almost ten years ago, just for fun at first but later on more serious, a bit too serious. I didn’t know anything about nutrition or training and the only information i could get was from well-known bodybuilding magazines and i was so stupid to follow them. I trained 6 times a week and I consumed more than 400 grams of protein. I went up from a bodyweight of 123 pounds to 183 pounds in 2 years, lots of muscle but unfortunatly lots of fat too. The turning point came when i had a blood check and i turned out that my kidney’s and liver had to work to hard and that if i continued like that i would destroy my own body. They send me to a dietitian and she put me on a very low protein program, so i would lose a lot of fat but unforunatly also a lot of muscle. I’m now at a bodyweight of 142 pounds at 12 % fat (it used to be 30 %). Lately i have been having problems with my bloodpressure, very strange since i watch my diet carefully now (i’m much more smarter now thanks to t-mag)but certain hormones in my body like adrenaline and dopamine are also raised. I have had different tests done on my kidney’s but they didn’t find anything, so they came to the conclusion that it must be the weighttraining. But i don’t want to stop working out! Can anyone give me some advice on this, some tips on how to make a program, what reps to use or so, anything will do. My main goal is hypertrophy. I work out 2 to 4 times a week, between 4 and 9 sets per muscle group, reps vary mostly between 6 and 20. Thank you very much for your help.

I am no physician, but I don’t really think it is the weight training. My blood pressure was starting to go up a few years ago when I was just doing cardio. So I added weight training and paid more attention to diet. The weight training and diet (not eating less, eating smarter) took about 25 pounds off and lowered the blood pressure to the 120/130 over 60/70 range. I have observed that if I back off on cardio, however, my blood pressure tends to go up about 10 to 15 points on the systolic. You may be like me and have to do more cardio work than most others for your blood pressure.