High Blood Pressure

Is it normal to feel your heart beating hard on cycle? It’s kinda keeping me up at night kinda paranoid

Have you actually had your BP checked?

No man I need to and I need bloodwork

AAS induce sympathetic nervous system dominance, increase the responsiveness/sensitivity to catecholamine release

HBP can also occur due to systemic vascular resistance, fluid and electrolyte retention, RAAS alteration (all closely linked) of which will alter parasympathetic/sympathetic modulation

Elevated HR is somewhat expected, heart palpitations are also a possibility… it’s an unpleasant effect some experience (and beta adrenergic receptor upregualtion is a proposed mechanism regarding cardiac damage induced from AAS)

If BP is high, get on anti hypertensives (ace inhibitors halt/reverse the growth of cardiac myocytes through a few mechanisms)… or drop the dose/cycle

Alternatively beta blockers (cardioselective are the best type… targeting b1 adrenergic receptors) can be great…

What are you using?

I dont have an pounding heart beat or fast heart rate, but instead have pressure in my eyes, ain’t that comforting either trust me.

I’m not using anything? I’m going by literature and what I’ve experienced in the past

It should be noted I have pre existing autonomic dysfunction. Not everyone experiences the side effect regarding HR increase, but many do

For instance @Singhbuilder does, you’d need to monitor you’re HR on a daily basis using a strap/watch, I’m sure you’ll notice on cycle you’re RHR will increase between 5-15 BPM, and it’ll have a more exaggerated increase in response to exercise.

There was one study comparing parasympathetic modulation within AAS users vs nonusers. Basal RHR for nonusers was 70BPM or so, for users it was 85BPM, HR recovery post exercise was dramatically impaired, and for HR to return to baseline it took quite a while too

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Ah I mean’t the OP hehe.

But what you noted is correct.