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High Blood Pressure


I’m dealing with kidney issues as well with high blood pressure, which you know high blood pressue can be a contributing factor or the main cause. This happened to me out of nowhere it seemed like. Which leads me to my question. Are you able to control your blood pressure through diet alone now, or are you still on blood pressure medication? I’m in the beginning of stages of dealing with this medical problem, and I was wondering if you were able to get a handle on it yourself without the use a decent amount of prescription medications? Also, are you really having to watch your protein intake as well still? I know youre not a medical professional, but the lifestyle we lead is different than the average bear, so I was hoping to learn from others that share a similar lifestyle (from what I can tell), that have more experience dealing with similar problems.

I’m on ramipril and lopressor. I also use a natural supplement called Carditone which actually lowered my BP by 7 points!!! I use FLAMEOUT too.

I might have to have my medication readjusted because I had some bouts of low blood pressure recently.

Not really. I don’t take in huge amounts anyway. BUT I do everything in my power to reduce the acid load on the body to ease up the work of the kidneys. Green veggies with every meal except peri-workout, Superfood, sodium bicarbonate 2x per day, etc.

Not CT, but interesting topic

Your question sounds as if you were still under study to determine the causes of your disorder and the final diagnosis. Those two are of utterly importance so you can make up your mind (together with your doc) about how are you going to proceed with your training.

No matter how strong, lean and fast you can get if you could end up getting a hypertrophic cardiopathy (the bad one) or cardiac insufficiency. But if the cause doesn’t get worse or kidney/heart are not affected with weight training go ahead. Just get a good doctor, also talk with a sports medicine doctor as well as with a sports physiologist so you can make an educated choice.

Hope this can help you a little bit

CT just out of curiosity how much baking soda per serving and in what amount of water.