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High Blood Pressure


I'm on second week of my first cycle.
200 migs test cyp
100 every 3 days

My BP is usually around 120 over 80

This week it hasn't been lower than 134/90 and as high as 161/99. I lift 3 days and rest 3 days...on rest days I do 30 minutes of cardio.
I'm taking CO Q10, Taurine, Hawthorne Berry I'm starting to get worried! I'm gonna start celery juice tomorrow. I don't wanna end up on BP medicine!


celery juice works REALLY good. 2-5 stalks in a juicer

Cardio (obviously)
Increase potassium
Reduce sodium
cheese, broccoli,yogurt, cabbage
walnuts, soyabeans, flaxseed
flenty of fish, salmon, tuna
dark chocolate
watch your bloat / estrogen levels
drink plenty of water


take Cialis


My recommendation is you get off the cycle and find what it is that causing this, Because if you BP is at 161 and 90’s then while your training you could potentially be at about 200 and that’s dangerous territory.