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High Blood Pressure


Hi All,

Recently been checking my BP, its been sitting between 140-150 over 70-80. I've been taking baby aspirin. Is there anything else that can help keep this down? I'm unsure about seeing my doc (he knows im on) as i dont know if he will perscribe to get it down or just tell me i've gotta get it sorted..



i would suggest 30 minutes of cardio at least 3 days a week

and Cialis.


How high is your hematocrit? That's not crazy high, nothing to freak out over but the lower the better


Tested it yesterday, two tests, first 56% second 51%.


I do 35m cardio daily ( 65m on rest days ) with one full day off no cardio or training. Cutting out all coffee to see if that helps dropping it down, normally have 1-2 per day.


Dumb question...
But how is diet..
Also studies have shown Omega 3's.. with DHA and EPA..


So on average, let's just say it's around 53-54%. That's pretty high. Donate blood or do a self plebotomy. Get a pint out and see how you are after. Like walkaway said, add in cardio, it has done wonders for me


I might go donate blood, are there restrictions for AAS users? Or do i deny it?


just get a therapeutic phlebotomy.


Had a look, cant get one where i'm from.


Why do you take aspirin?


then I would suggest donating blood...im surprised that your doctor hasn't said anything about your hematocrit levels.

you may want to consider getting a sleep study done...you may have sleep apnea and not know it.. better safe than sorry


It helps to lower BP in low doses


some people have moral issues with just denying any steroid usage and donating blood, but the blood would not make it to a patient if there were any problems, or have your doc write you a script for therapeutic phlebotomy, or find a nurse friend that will do it for you, it's very easy, i use something like a 60cc syringe, fill that up a few times and good to go


Empire clinic in leederville


Or get a bucket of leeches


Hematocrit was taken as a part of my studies. Just happened to be done the other day! I'll go donate blood and just say no to needle questions. Im good with all my hygeine procedures etc so its not an issue.