High Blood Pressure/RBC Count in Past and Present

So a few years ago I ran 50mg anavar and this is when my blood pressure issues came up and honestly have stayed for the most part. Now that I am On trt the blood pressure is high as well. My question is the red blood cell count before trt was on the high end of range but not out of range. Same with hemoglobin/hemocrit. My question is should I have donated a few years ago while I was on anavar and my body never reset properly?

Were you just on anavar? 50mg how often? Once a week, every day, EOD? What is your E2 and what is your TRT dose? And I seriously doubt blood donation would have done anything for you, BTW.

Anavar like 2 years ago. That’s when the bp issues started. I was on 50mg everyday for 45 days or so. No pct. I took a year break which I believe I got better after 6 months of quitting but it wasn’t quickly. I’ve been on trt for 7-8 months. The first few months were great but the last few months I’ve felt anxious, bp seems worse. Feel hot. I’ve cut my dose down as well and still no helping. Rbc was above range and hem/hemocrit were high above range. Thinking this is causing issues. E2 was tanked when I started but trying to Avoid arimidex for good now

Taking anavar solo would have shut you down, and then the lack of test would have tanked your E2. You need test to have E2 in men. Your whole loop is going to be a little jacked up. What’s your TRT dose? Do you live at high elevation? Are you usually dehydrated?

Dehydrated per blood work but I drink lots of liquids. No elevation. Trt dose is .20 mg every other day which I just started and zero AI. Take 25mg dhea. Melatonin at night.

The BP will probably fix itself after 8 or 10 weeks, unless it’s not related to the TRT and a separate issue. RBC count is a non-issue as far as 'm concerned, hematocrit you’ll need to watch and not play around with. You’ll see guys posting crap about how millions of people live at high altitude with long productive lives and no health problems so high hematocrit is fine. That’s straight from their stinky starfish. High altitude people have all kinds of health problems, documented in studies, and you should be careful and not take chances with your health based on some dude on the internet that has never been at altitude or looked for a study or had high hematocrit.

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So donate blood to lower hemocrit?

And I was a high total t guy before trt but low free t and High shbg. Is there anything I can take besides trt to help with low free t. Also why would my blood pressure fix itself in 8-10 weeks. Was it because of tanking e2 or using an AI. I’ve been on trt for 8 months.

Usually there’s a short term reaction to TRT, elevated BP is not unusual, but it tends to go away. If you tanked your E2 and now are letting it ride, the adjustment takes longer. What , exactly, is your BP?

145/88 or so. Will donating blood help