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High Blood Pressure on TRT


Is high blood pressure on TRT always a symptom of elevated estradiol? My E2 was 24 at last check, and doc had me raise my dose up to 200 mg/week to get free test up. I began taking .33 ml (200mg/ml)every 3rd day and raised my arimidex 2 extra drops per day, seems like I'm now going in the opposite direction as I was feeling great.

I'm due for another free test/E2 test as it's been about 4 weeks, however I also remember reading that one should not even need 200 mg/week to raise Free to the upper limits of normal and if they do it's an underlying cause. What would that cause be? I really need to get the BP under control asap.

Thanks much


Have you checked you RBC lately? High hematocrit will raise BP

And yes elevated estrogen levels will contribute to this. Are You taking a 81mg aspirin at bed time? EFA'S?


TRT can cause elevated BP. 200mg/wk is a pretty high dose - sounds like something is blocking the availability of what you have. E2 = 24 is pretty close to "ideal".


Hematocrit last checked was 46.5 (37.0 - 49.0), but that was a few months ago. May need to get that done asap.

Any common factors that typically block availability? I'm thinking of tapering back that dose. I just started the baby aspirin today. I didn't know at night was the protocol.


Cortisol and insulin levels rise prior to waking , so if one was to take a low dose aspirin right at bed time along with 4+ grams of High quality EFA'S throughout the day helps keep blood thin and not as viscous That's associated with long term TRT.http://www.time.com/time/health/article/0,8599,1825044,00.html



Awesome, thanks. I do take the EFA's as well, and added in Hawthorne and Celery seed. My doc told me to cut back the dose as well, still wondering what could be blocking my Free T from going up. Low Cortisol maybe?

I'm retesting my 8 am cortisol tomorrow so we'll see in a few days.



Heres some other options that Not only lower BP but also increases stamina, note avoid taking any ED meds with beetroot juice as the nitrates along with ED meds can and will lower BP drastically. I can tell you this first hand. Big bad