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"High" Blood Pressure on HCG/Caber(Difference Between Systolic & Dyastolic)

So i am on hcg currently and my e2 is still crashed.
Recently i started cabergoline for high ptolactin, 0.125 3x per week. Took 0.375mg so far.

I am worried as i am constantly having high pulse pressure, like 135/65 and 125/60.
And at first when starting caber my blood pressure dropped to like 110/55 and now it is higher, like 135/65.

I talked to my doc about this, they didnt even seem to pay attention to my caber use. When i said the dose i am taking, they were like “that cant cause problems, you are fine”. But i am worried about this high pulse pressure as it is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease.

What do you think?

I also want to add that my hematocrit is 50.3 %. Not terribly high but not ideal. And i cant do a phlebotomy since my ferritin is crashed, i am barely starting to feel better, 2 weeks ago i was so light headed, out of breath and nauseous from the lack of iron (frequrnt phlebotomies, drained 1500ml of blood in a span of 7 weeks to keep my hct under 50%).

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