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High Blood Pressure & High RBC on TRT

Hello, ive been on TRT for 3 months & been having blood pressure issues(150/85). On my last blood test my RBC count was elevated by almost twice the amount which I know was rasing my blood pressure. I donated right away and blood pressure went down(125/70), but then got high again the next few days. Also I know its not estrogen related because estrogen was on low normal on blood test. Can someone help me out?

We can only help you if you provide labs including labs ranges, otherwise we are force to guess.

Regarding the estrogen low comment, if SHBG is low than normal estrogen can be a problem.

Describe your TRT protocol, how much testosterone do you inject and how often?

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150mg test c 1x per week

RBC 8.56 | 4.10-5.70
Hemoglobin 15.7 | 13-17
Hematocrit 52.3 | 37-49
MCV 61.1 | 80-100
RDW 19.7 | 11-15

We need all of your labs. Everything.

More than likely, you need to lower your dose.

Lower your dose, go submit a double red blood cell donation asap, avoid foods high in iron and supplements with iron, stay hydrated and take high dose fish oil everyday. High HTC is dangerous.