High Blood Pressure Cycle

Hey ,
In my reading,I have found that some people have the side effect of high blood pressure during a cycle,
I’m wondering if a person could get HBP medication,Keep it on hand just in case it was needed? or does that type of medication hinder the effects of the cycle you choose to run? Mounten

Some get high volumes of blood cells aka hematocrit. That thickens the blood and can increase BP. I expect that there are some other causes as well. Dehydration might make that worse.

Im not an expert in this area, but HBP treatment is usually not a cure, but a way to control it. Therefore it is not taken for short periods of time. Try hawthorn berry, this supposedly helps against high blood pressure.

Hbp meds won’t effect your cycle,but some will slow you down !I know i have hbp,also it’s not a good idea to jus’t pick some hbp meds at random.There are several types of theese meds out there! i was taking Toparol 50mg a day for my hbp and it made me so tired i could’nt even make it into the gym and when i could my work-outs were awful!

So my Dr. changed it to Atenaolo and now i feel great! So it’s hit or miss on hbp meds,they effect everyone differnt,infact some people try several before they find one that works for them! So be careful if you don’t have hbp it could drop ypur bp too low and you could pass-out or worse !