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High Blood Pressure Causes?

Are you on any supplements? Meds?

Sounds like your diet is pretty clean. Salt can definitely cause it to raise up.

Do you have family history of high BP?

Could be anxiety?, Do you find you gey blotchy red rashes on your skin?, Mine goes up and down and I was measuring it in a period where I cut caffeine for sleep and one measurment was high one was low as we were measuring it on my Personal Training course at college and when I get angry I get crazy adrenaline rushes so now I’m prescribed Beta Blockers.

no supplements, no meds. I stopped with the supplements months ago because of the acne I get from it (lactose intolerance probably) and I do not take any medications of any kind. I stick with just food. I do eat lots of salt it turns out. Thing is, if salt causes a dramatic spike in BP than there would be something wrong (salt sensitivity? lol) because of my age, bodyweight and overall health. I dont know my family’s history because they have never had a problem with BP.

Ya, I was thinking anxiety maybe, because I do get nervous when in the waiting room but that would still signal a red flag because, I get anxious with a lot of things everyday. Which would mean, that every time I get anxious, my blood pressure raises into the unhealthy level, right? So if thats happening so often, the BP would be chronically elevated in the red range. Oh well, I guess a urine analysis will tell me some things.

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Where is your salt intake coming from? You said your diet was whole foods, so unless you are adding salt.

The other option is, you are eating pre-packaged stuff.

Anxiety can definitely mess with it too. Buy an arm monitor and check it at home. Check it while watching TV or something. Get a first reading, then watch TV for about 10-15 mins and recheck. You just need to make sure you aren’t “focusing” on your BP being high, that will make it go higher.


I get it too but you may just be worried too much for me it is generally when I get hot I get really bad like slurred speech hairs sticking up on my back and sweating so I wouldn’t say just being nervous would cause it and I think if you weren’t feeling anxious there when you were you could’ve been earlier and your BP and Heart Rate could be elevated from then, He might even prescribe you beta blockers and if you feel much less anxious when on them you will know what’s wrong.

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Ya, some pre packed stuff like canned tuna and packet oatmeal, red meat, fish, avacados, eggs, fruits, veggies, nuts etc. Ill have a hamburger at mcdonalds to get some calories in, maybe 2 or 3 times per week? Aside from that, I eat like a “strength athlete” should. and ya, Im going to check it many more times under calm conditions before getting too carried away about it.

Hamburgers have 2.3g of Salt, Medium Fries have 0.32g I work there so I get a free meal for lunch is how I know lol.

But honestly I don’t think you are pushing it there.

  1. the follow up is to confirm high blood pressure. Clinically, 2 high tests within 30 days and most docs will prescribe meds. At that point, you will have to list yourself as having had a high blood pressure diagnosis and will be considered non-compliant if you don’t maintain your prescription. It is hard to get off of them without being considered non-compliant.

  2. my blood pressure was high, particularly diastolic at 90-100. My prior doc required that I go on meds. I was able to get BP down by cutting sugar, sodium and losing 20 pounds but I also had to cut ibuprophen. If i take ibuprophen for a couple of days myBP rises. I avoid it if at all possible.

Sugar, sodium and ibuprophen are all known to raise BP. My wife is a cardiologist and confirms the effects of sugar and ibuprophen.

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nice to know aha! I dont even eat fries, and ya this shouldnt be the problem because eating “junk food” like that is very normal. Every one eats salty foods here and there expect people who are making a conscious effort not too.

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Wow, that’s interesting! For me, it seems that diet related stuff (sugar, sodium) will be the culprit, like you said. Mainly because, I don’t take any medications, and if I lost 20lbs, I would be underweight. I’ve been under the assumption that body weight would only contribute high blood pressure if the person is very overweight and/or is genetically prone to “obesity”, Im basically a skinny guy, that has ate his way up to a slightly beefier body, but nothing out of the ordinary lol I have a very average looking build