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High Blood Pressure Causes?

Hey guys, Not sure where else to post this so, Ill hope someone can give me some insight or experience on this. So, I went to the doctor recently because of some tightness feeling in my chest area, not painful, just discomfort. I was telling my family this and since I have headaches that linger here and there, my mom said to ask for a blood pressure reading.

So I have it done and it was higher than it should be? first visit was 152/88, second visit was 165/80. Im only 21, otherwise healthy, not overweight (170-175lbs 5’8ish), I have been eating lots of food, to support strength/muscle gains, odd cheat meal here and there but mostly whole foods with good quantities… I dont smoke, drink or anything and definitely nothing pharmaceutical related or medications for anything else.

Anyways, any idea why this would be? I have another follow up in a couple days but this obviously worrying me, being in good shape just like any other young gym rat. Shoud’n’t my blood pressure/health reflect that? If i was 100lbs overweight than it wouldnt bother me as much for it too be high like that. I eat like a weightlifter/powerlifter/strength athlete should so what gives?


That’s high as dude. Did you drink or coffee of lift beforehand or something? Or was the tester really attractive or something that could get blood pressure up lol

How’d they take your blood pressure. Small cuffs and guys with big arms giving high readings.



Might be some underlying disease that’s causing the high blood pressure.

Definitely should work this out with guidance from your doctor.

Wouldn’t it have made more sense to ask these questions of your doctor than people on a message board?

I’m glad you’re following up with him or her.

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Take this (or a dot point version) to the follow up and go through it all.

Were you nervous because of the tightness? You can go to a drug store and take it again, or otherwise go buy a monitor like an Omron and take it at home. White coat syndrome is real, and if you find out your blood pressure is cool all the time except when you’re at the doctor, it’s much easier to manage. If you mistook some gas or something for a heart attack, and were all worked up thinking you were going to die, then your blood pressure could very well have read abnormally high for you.

what did you actual doctor say? Chances are they’re quite a bit more qualified to give advice than the people on this forum.

I feel like the combined IQ on this forum, being equal to or even surpassing the average medical professional’s, makes this fertile ground for informed and responsible medical advice.

OP: have you tried Arg Nit or Cat’s Claw? Rodents eat quite a bit of Cat’s Claw and rarely if ever need to be put on hypertension medication.


that’s actually a very good point!

And you make an interesting argument re: rodents, but I think the more logical choice is fish. No one ever heard of a fish having a heart attack.

OP - be like fish.

With all due respect, sir, I believe the vast majority of my fish to have suffered sudden myocardial infarctions which rendered them unable to swim and ultimately, listing helplessly on their side as their life faded away and they thought of their fry growing up, fatherless…

I dumped each down the toilet without a second thought.

Are you suggesting the OP spend more time cruising bathrooms than he already does?


Whats your daily water intake? How about fiber?

How often do you eat vegetables? Did you get a cholesterol reading as well?

n = 1, Pangy. You should know better than to generalise based on your own subjective experiences. Have years of T-Nation arguments taught you nothing?

Sociopathic monster. I’ve always suspected.

A straw man argument if ever I’ve heard one. George Michael spent a lot of time cottaging, and look where he ended up: dead of heart failure, aged 53.

(for those that are unaware - George Michael was arrested for trying to solicit a blowjob from an undercover policeman in a public bathroom, a practice known as “cottaging” here in the UK. The video for outside released shortly after has Georgiou dressed as a policeman dancing in a public bathroom. George Michael was cool.)

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I’m afraid I’m with @Yogi1 on this topic. I’ve read very compelling literature that states fish are devoid of feelings, which justifies our consumption of them, which also renders them impervious to fear for the future of their offspring.

Moving the goal posts!

My premise was that fish have heart attacks. What you poofters want to do with the rest is really up to you.

Also, please prove fish do not fear for the future of their offspring, with citations please.

From the literature presented here, it’s a simple case of logical deduction.

^^Dr Cobain et al quite clearly show it to be the case here.

Your fish have heart attacks, clearly as a product of the hostile environment in which they’re kept. Fish, while chill, are not completely immune to environmental stressors.

Ah yes, the argumentum ad hominem. A favorite of thieves, scoundrels, and horse thieves everywhere. Perhaps while you’re acting as an denier for picene myoardial infarctions you could see fit to revisit some of the research on the topic including but not limited to, my fish tank.

Supplements and Nutrition…where conversation goes to die.


Honestly, if you think that fish are just up and dying from myocardial infarction, you’re just not cut out for this.

Find another hobby.

absolutely - this is off topic territory for sure

I went in there fasted (8hrs) , no caffeine that day. Tester wasn’t attractive at all lol I rarely do cardio, except for my school testing that we do maybe once a week if that. (shuttle run test) I usually do fine cardio-wise but since i focus on strength, i dont care about it as much as I should lol I just cant see salt spiking it up that high, especially the top number (systolic)