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High Blood Pressure and TRT


Ive had HBP my whole life, when I was younger my DR said it was just "normal " for me. I had a full spectrum of test and they found nothing wrong. Now that I'm older (42) its become higher 155/110 , Im getting concerned, so I found a new MD who agrees that its too high. She put me on an ACE inhibitor with little luck and now wants to try a Beta blocker. My intial research on BB's doesnt look appealing to me.

Im on TRT for a long time and always pulled my labs except E2. Since getting on this site I pulled my E2 and its 42 Test 1124 FT 50. My question is, would a AI help lower my bp ? My stats are 42 250 lbs 6'1 bf 11-15% Train BJJ 4 times a week and lift 4 days a week. I apologize if this subject has been covered before. Thanks for the help. Drew


My one question would be, how much cardio are you doing. Cause i have never ever met a person, who does cardio on a regular basis, that has high blood pressure. HB pressure, simply means that your heart is working to hard. cardio will increase your hearts performance, thereby eliminating HB pressure. Throw in some Fish oil and some hawthorne berry extract to make sure.


I train BJJ 4 times a week for 2 hours each time So my cardio is really good.


I found when my E2 was high I retained a lot of fluid and that will raise your BP. In my case, I took a diuretic for 2 days and lost 6 lbs. BP came right down.