High Blood Pressure and T2

This is a question I thought I might throw out to the forum before bothering the T-staff directly. Currently I am looking to shed a few pounds before summer to look good half-nekked in front of all the honeys this summer. Typically I would cut up by changing my diet and increasing aerobics. I have stayed away from ephidrine/caffein based supplements in the past because my family does have unusually high blood pressure. I tried Phen-Free a few years ago as an alternative but as you could have guessed I would have been better off popping M&M’s. Now that Biotest has introduced T2 I was just curious on how this would affect someone who needs to keep an eye on his blood pressure. I didn’t see this covered in the previous articles regarding the supplement (probably because it’s a non-issue but I don’t know). Any comments would be appreciated.