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High Blood Iron Levels

I just received some blood test results from work and found that my blood iron levels are high. I just had a ferritine(spelling?) level drawn today. If these levels come back, I will probably need to be bled to get the levels down. A couple of questions to the docs and nutritionists out there.

  1. Is there a natural, non-invasive way to lower Iron levels?

2.Could any of my supplements be causing this rise?

My multi-vitamins are iron-free, have been for a while.
I also take: creatine, glutamine,c, cal-mag-zinc,whey protien,tribulus, yohimbe and zyto-therm from peak nut. pre workout.

My protien intake is about 1g/lb.(weight 260lbs.) 80g from whey, rest from mainly milk, chicken, red meat.

Thanks for any insight anyone can give.


My shoot-from-the-hip guess would be that you live in a relatively rural area and that you’re drinking tap water (probably from your own well…). - THAT would be my prime suspect if I were you. I’d suggest having an analysis performed to see what’s up with your water. - In the interum, start using bottled water and/or a simple Brita water filter/pitcher (don’t quote me, but this should greatly reduce the iron content of the water).

I highly doubt any of the supplements you listed are causing the problem…

Actually, I live in Columbus, and our water is tested regularly. That was one of my first thoughts also. As coincidence has it, my wife had bloodwork done recently and her levels came back normal. I’m stumped.


There is a condition where iron is more readily held by the body. I cannot remember the name of this condition, but bleeding is the treatment. Many people with this condition just donate blood to the Red Cross. Technically the Red Cross does not accept this blood even though it is considered safe. The only reason is because it comes from a person who has a “disease.” Some are trying to get this rule changed, but many with this condition just donate without mentioning the condition to Red Cross.