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High Bar Squatting


Hey, I've been told by Starting Strength and lots of other reading material that low bar squatting is where it's at. It's always been uncomfortable and hard to get to parallel for me. Just the other night I tried High bar squatting and it felt awesome. It's just natural after my first attempt, unlike a year of low bar madness. So anyway, what's all the rave about low bar squatting?


High bar works for you. Be happy. Move on.


It doesn't matter much. I suggest high bar anyway. Low bar tends to throw you forward more often as a newbie to it and... that's not good lol. I once had a squat plant my face on the ground. It wasn't fun.


I love High bar. I find that I have to concentrate more on keeping the bar on my shoulders when I low bar.

Yeah and it doesn't matter that much. low bar means you use your hips and hamstrings more but whatever feels more comfortable is better.


you should never squat in a bar while you are high.


In general low bar squatting lets you lift bigger weight, because your using your glutes and hamstrings. That's why it's the preferred style for powerlifters. High bar squatting has a better translation to olympic lifts.

Check out this video: http://www.reddit.com/r/Fitness/comments/h8690/low_bar_vs_high_bar_squat_video/

That's one of the better videos I've seen on the topic.


Honestly it depends on your strengths and leverages. After squatting high bar for a year, I just feel more comfortable squatting low bar. Has nothing to do with weight for me. If you have a really strong and thick upper back, you'd probably prefer low bar.


i like low bar.. high is uncomfortable for me.

personal preference really :slightly_smiling: i have got a massive ass from this though lool

im thinking of incorporating front squats for high reps in the mix aswel. if i go heavy then i tend to drop the bar.