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High Bar Squat Help Please

I have a few questions.
When doing a highbar squat should i be trying to spread the floor apart or should i just be going up and down?
Also people are saying about driving with my hips? How should i be driving out of the hole?
I just ordered some nike romaleos 2 what should i expect from them?
Also i stand just a tad wider than shoulder width with toes out about 5-10 degrees will this hurt my squat at all i just find my current stance comfortable.

If someone could help id appreciate it greatly.


Spreading the floor apart is, afaik, just another way of saying keep your knees wide apart and don’t let them collapse in. This is a must in all forms of squats.

Hip drive is when you drive power from your posterior chain. If done correctly, your shoulders/upper body and hips should be rising at the same time from the hole, and there should be no excessive forward lean while you’re rising. Such a lean would mean you’re using your lower-back(good morningesque) and quads to rise from the hole.

Just look up tons of highbar squats on youtube and the instruction videos. There are tons of articles on this very website telling you how to high-bar squat.

As for stance- Find whatever is comfortable.

A lot of the squat is variable and dependent on the person, so long as you follow certain absolutes so that you don’t get injured. Just squat and feel your way around and it should be obvious that makes things easier for you.


Whats the goal?
Olympic lifting?
The technique for each is really quite different.
I mean yeah, a squat is a squat, but at the weight your talkin about handling the powerbase is there and now your technique will start to have a major role in your progress. But that goes back to the original question. Progress towards what?
I olympic lift, the nikes, or any other olympic shoe is a tremendous aid. I love them.
I don’t know if i’d be using them if i was powerlifting.
Maybe if bodybuilding and wanting to ramp up my front squat.
Highbar back squat for an olympic lifter is different technique wise than a powerlifter.
Again thats if your competing.
My advice…olympic lift bro.
Nothin like it. nothin.
Havin double your bodyweight over your head, and them being able to throw that thing down to the floor just rocks.
In powerlifting what do ya get. You re-rack a good squat, you re-rack a good bench and you can kinda drop a good DL, like from waist height. Boooring.
You don’t get to throw down nothin and you don’t get to stand there with a loaded bentbar over your head, lookin around sayin “check this shit out” and them slam that thing down.
but thats just my two cents.


LB- thanks bro i appreciate the points and the help you have gave me. But i am powerlifting i love the sport i have not competed yet but i will soon i high bar squat in powerlifting i know quite a few who do also and they get up well over 500 lbs i love high bar for me its almost ompossible to miss depth i know im breaking parallel for sure lol. But i cannot low bar squat do to shoulder flexibility. A 550 low bar squat is great but a 550 high bar olympic squat is an entirely different animal.


The most important thing you wrote was that you “love” powerlifting.
Then thats what will get you the most progress and satisfaction. Stick with powerlifting.
I’m too tall, too thin, and too old to be olympic lifting (started late after a boxing career)
but i absolutely love it(almost as much as being in the ring and trading left hooks) so i don’t care.

Get your ass into a competition.
What the hell are you waiting for?
You will learn from the experience.
Hell, Marvin Hagler didn’t have his first fight for the middleweight championship of the world.
He went through alot of fights to get there.
Don’t be one of these guys who just goes to the gym to train.
Do something. Compete. Live.

Oh, just on the side, are you allowed to use olympic shoes in powerlifting meets?
I don’t know the specific PL rules, just that its 3 lifts,

1)PL Squat (half of an olympic squat) :o)
2)PL Deadlift (one third of an olympic clean and jerk) :o)
3)PL Benchpress (thats the one you do lying down right?) :o)

i prefer a different kinda “exercise” when i’m lying down. But we will keep this post clean yeah? Hey i’m not that old…yet.

actually saw Eddie Coan compete live in Raleigh NC back in the day.
Badboy.Depth was NEVER an issue. Kade Weber looks like your competition.

get your ass into a meet.
And bust it up.

good luck